Job hunting


As a graduate who finished serving (I will make a post about my NYSC experience)  in October 2013, looking for a job has been an eye opener to the alarming high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

I had dreams of moving back to Nigeria and getting job offers lol, after 3 rejections all I can say is ‘I’m really trusting God’s plan for my life’

I went for a test yesterday in a firm I would really love to work with, they will contact me in a week and I’m positive.  I have another test before the end of the month in another top firm…

I believe 2014 would be a year for me to grow and trust in God completely. I’m really excited!  My Bible verses for the year are Isaiah 43 : 18 – 19


Do you have a bible verse or verses for the year? If u do, please share!

God bless x


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3 thoughts on “Job hunting

  1. Ay 11/01/2014 at 11:25 am Reply

    When going through any challenge, it is important to ask “what is God up to? What is He trying to teach me?”.

    I personally do not think that the Almighty simply sits down on His throne and says “let her suffer for a while then I’ll answer her prayers”. For every trying period, there is a lesson. Our understanding of that lesson ensures that we are equipped to encourage others going through similar situations.

    Don’t worry your job will come. Meanwhile, keep learning.


    • Feyi's Dairy 11/01/2014 at 2:48 pm Reply

      lol at “let her suffer for a while then I’ll answer her prayers”. God is too good to say that.
      Thanks Deji


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