Hi people,

Hope you had a great weekend? ! I had a very busy one which explains why I didn’t put up the conclusion of Kikelomo, I’ll put it up this Friday.

I was in Abeokuta for my cousin’s wedding.  I just got back home today.  I had so much fun!! I love weddings!! Just watching two people make a commitment to each other is so beautiful.  I was very much involved because I was the maid of honour. It was nice to watch and help the bride get ready. Maybe I’ll put up some of the official wedding pictures when they are out (after asking for permission of course! )

I learnt Kepner chose Jackson woohoo! Sorry for the spoiler lol. I haven’t seen it too, got the info from Facebook.

I really pray the fuel scarcity in Lagos ends because I need to move around this week. They shouldn’t add fuel scarcity to all the problems we have. We should keep praying for our leaders (the Bible commands us to), so many horrific news this past week.

I’ll soon start taking submissions,  I’ll let you know when.

Have a great week!


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