Simi’s Musings 3- She said Yes!

We are on our way home from Tayo’s birthday dinner. Today was eventful to say the least.

Dinner was scheduled for 6 pm but typical Nigerian style,people didn’t start arriving till past 7 pm. The ambiance of the restaurant and the good food added colour to the whole evening. Well cleared plates and seconds was evidence of how tasty the food was. David was really clumsy during dinner; he knocked over a small flower vase on the table and even spilled his drink. He wasn’t the usually overconfident guy I knew. I guess it was nerves; I mean he was going to propose to his girlfriend. I once saw a YouTube video of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in a stadium packed with people, she not only turned him down but slapped him and walked away. That was mean though, but I honestly don’t think you should propose to someone if you are not sure of getting a positive answer.

After dinner, whilst people where engaging in small talk and taking pictures, David gives me a look and I knew it was time; he had told me to video the whole thing. He stands up and clears his throat to get everyone’s attention and begins a small speech about Tayo, using words like “compassionate”, “best friend”, “graceful”, “soul mate”, to describe her. Afterwards, he goes on his knee, brings out a small black velvet box and pops the question- “Temitayo Elizabeth Bakare, will you marry me and spend forever with me?” Tayo stares at him with her mouth open and doesn’t say a word for about a minute till he whispers uncomfortably “Tayo…I’m waiting.” I think it was at the point she recovers from the shock and replies with tears in her eyes by saying “Yes Dave…yes, I want to spend forever with you.”
Guests broke into a round of applause and then came the paparazzi moment. People brought out their phones, cameras, iPads to take pictures of the couple and of course the ring! Which she flaunted gracefully.

I’ve always wondered why ladies cry during proposals. Is it tears of joy, shock or is it just sentiment? Some ladies actually bawl to the embarrassment of the guy. I mean I can understand shedding a few tears as you say your vows or when you see your baby for the first time. I know for certain that I won’t cry when I am proposed to.
Also, why are ladies so particular about seeing what the ring looks like, wanting to see how big the rock is, that’s if there’s a rock though. Like seriously, the ring is not that important, or is it? I think it’s because women are in so much competition which other, so they look at the ring and compare it to theirs and for those who are single compare it to their ‘dream’ engagement ring.

We drive into our compound and Tayo is on the phone, she has been on the phone since we left the restaurant. This sort of news spreads like wild fire. Mum comes out of the door dancing and singing:

“Ose o Jesu, a o ma yin o, ose o jesu, olorun ayo mi…”

I kind of expected this reaction from her.

She gives Tayo a hug as soon as she steps out of the car.
“Congratulations my darling” she pecks her on both cheeks and reaches for her hand to look at the ring.
“Mummy I can’t believe it!! I didn’t see it coming… I know we talked about marriage and all but I’m so shocked… I’m going to be Mrs Adebayo soon!!!”
“Lagbara Olorun*”
“Good evening mum” I say. She mumbles a quick “good evening dear” as though I was interrupting. I stand there invisible while they talk and decide to leave them. I pick up the leftover cakes from the boot; Tayo got 3 cakes, into the house. I meet Daddy in the sitting room on the phone. I mouth “good evening sir” and head into the kitchen, put the cakes on the table and reach for a glass of cold water.

“Simi” I hear daddy call my name.
I turn to face him and he pulls me into a hug. I remain in his arms for a few seconds, content. He eases off and looks into my eyes. “Are you okay?”
“Yes daddy I am.” I nod and offer a weak smile.
“Good, that’s my girl.” He puts his arm around my shoulder and leads me back into the living room.
Mum and Tayo are engrossed in watching the proposal video that they didn’t see us come in till Dad calls out to her.

“Temitayo, congratulations.” He says and stretches out his arms to her. She comes to him and hugs him.
“Thanks daddy.”
“That young man had better take good care of my princess. I like him, he is focused and God fearing and he’s from a good home. When he came to inform us about his marriage intentions about three weeks ago, we had a very long talk, I wanted to be sure he knew what he was doing.”
“You should have heard the way your daddy drilled him ehn, I was sorry for him. Omolomo*” Mum interjects.
“Yes oh, any man that wants to marry my princess must be man enough!”
“Beeni*” Mum supports.
We spend the next hour or so, watching the proposal video again with daddy, talking about dates and venues.


I had just gotten into my bed, ready to retire for the night when Tayo comes into my room. She sits on the bed.
“I can’t believe it Simi…I can’t.” she says, admiring her ring.
“Tayo, you better believe it… I’m so happy for you.” I trace her ring with my fingers. “The ring is beautiful, David has good taste.”
“Yeah he does.” She adjusts and lies on the bed.
“You know he told me first before telling mummy and daddy.”
“He did?”
“Yes.” I tell her about the day David and I had lunch together and how he told me about his plan to propose. We lay down in silence for a while till she breaks the silence.

“Simi… are you okay with me getting married before you?”
I lean on my side and turn to face her. “Of course |I am…it’s fine.”
“I can tell David to wait for another two years, or I don’t know”
I open my mouth in shock.
“Haba Tayo, you must be joking, how can…
“No sis, I’m serious, I only turned 22 anyways, not saying I’m not ready but I can wait. You know we’ve always talked about your wedding, me being the chief’s bridesmaid and all.”
I sit up and rest against the headrest and she does the same. “Look Tayo, things don’t always go the way we plan…God has His own plans.”
“I know, but it’s not fair…
“Tayo its fineeeee, please I’m so looking forward to planning your wedding.”
“Awwww thanks Simi.” She gives me a tight side hug. “I love you so much; you are the best big sister. Except when your brain touches and you decide to be Cruella.”
I hit her gently with a pillow and reply “I love you too sha.”

I stretch back on the bed to sleep because it’s past 11pm already and I have to be up early tomorrow. I wait for Tayo to leave before switching off the light but she doesn’t and it becomes obvious she wants to spend the night in my room.
“Nooooooo Tayo abeg go to your bed jor, I’m not ready for karate in my sleep.” I remember the last time we slept together, I barely slept at all with the way she was swinging her legs and kicking.
“Please now, I won’t fight karate. You know I have to start practicing to share a bed with someone else.”
I let her be because I’m too sleepy to argue.

Lagbara Olorun – By God’s grace
Omolomo- Poor child
Beeni- Certainly

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12 thoughts on “Simi’s Musings 3- She said Yes!

  1. Olumide 20/06/2014 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Why do they cry sef…nice piece…where are the suspense and intrigues? where have they gone to?


  2. Yummy Mummy 20/06/2014 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Awwwww no matter how she tries it would still hurt that tayo got proposed to before her. Anyway the fact that tayo got the proposal first still doesn’t mean she would get married first…life is twisted like that.
    However it shouldn’t be a race about who got in first, it’s meant to be a life time decision, more caution should be employed before delving into it.
    Nice one odun.


    • Feyi's Dairy 21/06/2014 at 8:44 pm Reply

      Yummy Mummy 🙂
      True, it shouldn’t be a race…words of wisdom. Thanks


  3. villebilingue 20/06/2014 at 7:13 pm Reply

    Ask Feyi ooo.. sounds like she is warming up sha.. Tayo dear, You are soo brave..


  4. drnsmusings 20/06/2014 at 7:45 pm Reply

    I would feel bad too but straight face all d way


  5. exceptionalstar 20/06/2014 at 8:44 pm Reply

    I love the way Tayo reached out.


  6. ditolite 20/06/2014 at 10:40 pm Reply

    Seriosly, i dunno y big sis get upset wen dia lil sis is engaged or getin maried before dey do. Simi, abeg slow down oooo or else…@ dis rate u wil grow old b4 ur tym.
    Nice work.


    • Feyi's Dairy 21/06/2014 at 8:47 pm Reply

      Hiii Ditolite 🙂 hmmmm don’t you think its hurts a little? Even if it’s a tinny winnie bit?
      Lol I’m sure she doesn’t want to grow old before her time. Thanks xx


  7. Omorinola 22/06/2014 at 2:16 am Reply

    Aww I feel for simi , it’s painful tho but like yummy mummy said it shdnt b a race Cos it’s a life time decision dat has to b handled with caution. Simi uR Prince Charming is on d way & u ‘ll always b Tayo ‘s big sis. 9ce one Feyi.

    Liked by 1 person

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