Simi’s Musings 6 – When the past comes knocking.

“Hi Susan.”
“Hey Simi…what’s up?”
“I’m okay-”
“You sure, what’s wrong? You don’t sound good.”
“Obinna called me”
“Wow… he called you? After all this while? That silly guy thinks he can just disappear and appear as he wants. So why did he call?”
“Hello, Simi are you there?”
I must have been silent for a while. “Sorry, he said he wants to see me, he wants to talk”
“Oh so he can talk now? Abeg that’s so unnecessary…don’t tell me you want to see him?”
I have asked myself that question a thousand times. “Ermmmm I-”
“Babes remember this dude is HIS-TO-RY, we shouldn’t even be talking about him.” She made a loud hissing sound.
“Yeah I want to. I need closure…especially now that Suks is in the picture.”
“Okay oh, trust me, if I were you, I would have hung up immediately I heard his voice. Sha REMEMBER how he ripped your heart into shreds, REMEMEBER how you cried for months, REMEMBER-”
“Yeah I REMEMBER Susan.”
“Ehen better. Anyways let me know how it goes.”
“Sure, I will.”
“Should I tag along so I can punch him in the face?”
I know she means it.
“It’s never that serious…I’ll be fine.”
“Alright babes, take care.”

I hang up and walk towards Tayo’s room to check up on her. We’ve both been very busy this week and haven’t really had time to gist. She’s lying on bed and looks like she’s been crying.

“Tayo, what’s wrong?” I ask.
“Nothing…I’m fine Simi.”
We sit in silence while I wait for her to open up but she doesn’t say anything.
“Did something happen at work? Is David okay?” I ask
I notice the expression on her face as I mention David’s name.
“Is David okay?” I repeat.
“Yeah he is…we…we had a little misunderstanding.”
Okay now I’m confused. That still doesn’t explain why you are crying.
“So? What happened?”
“Simi…I don’t want to talk about it. We’ve settled it already and it was my fault anyways.”
“Okay then… I’m here for you when you want to talk.” I leave her room without mentioning Obinna’s call.

July 4th, 2013

Today should have been our fourth anniversary.

I woke up in the morning and had a good cry before leaving for work. My eyes were so puffy when I got to work that some of my colleagues asked if I was okay.

The first two months after Obinna left for the UK were great. We spoke to each other almost everyday thanks to Skype and constantly chatted on Whats App. When he started lectures in September and our communication reduced, I blamed it on school work. This went on till October, I stopped calling him in the evenings because he stopped answering my calls, gave excuses of always being in the library. Even weekends, he always seemed in a hurry to get off the phone. He also stopped calling and I sensed something was wrong.

Finally on the last day of October 2012, he confirmed my fear. I got a mail from him (he couldn’t even call me) stating that he wanted to end our relationship because he had met someone else. I remember the last sentence of the mail: You are a great person Simi, any man would be lucky to have you. I don’t know if that was meant to console me.

I was so heartbroken; my heart shattered into a million pieces that day. I called him- he didn’t answer any of my calls, What’s Apped him- he didn’t reply that too.
Even after eight months, from October till July, my heart still hadn’t healed. I still hoped he would come back, still held on to the precious memories I had. My family and friends told me to forget about him that he was gone for good but I refused to believe them. They had no idea of what we both had.

That night, it finally dawned on me that it was really over. It was as if not celebrating what was meant to be our fourth anniversary severed the strings of hope I held on to.


Sunkanmi was disappointed that evening when I called him to cancel our date for Saturday. I told him my ex was back and I needed to see him. I heard the uncertainty in his voice as he said “You are over him right?” to which I replied “Yes Suks, I am, I got over him a long time ago. I just need to speak to him that’s all.”

As soon as I walk into the restaurant, I see Obinna sitting at a table for two. He’s busy with his phone and doesn’t notice me till I get to his table.

“Hi Obinna” I made sure I called him his full name and not Obi. Right now, he’s someone I used to know.
“Hi Simi.” He says. He stands up and I know he wants to go give me a hug but I quickly pull out the chair opposite him and sit.
“Long time.” he says. I see the disappointment in his face. Did he really think I’ll give him a hug? My hugs are reserved for my friends. I smile and don’t say anything. He invited me here, so he should do the talking.
“You look great Simi.”

No answer.

He hasn’t really changed since the last time I saw him two years ago. He has filled out a bit and his skin looks fresher, I guess that’s what happens when you live in the UK, away from the Nigerian sun.

“I’m so sorry Simi.” He says and looks at me, waiting for a reaction. I don’t react.
“I feel horrible for the way I treated you… I guess I got carried away.” He reaches out to touch my hands on the table and I snatch my hands back.
“I was stupid and didn’t realise what I had till I lost you…I moved back to Nigeria since March but couldn’t bring myself to contact you till yesterday.”
“Obinna, I’ve moved on. I forgave you a long time ago.”
“Thanks Simi…I would really love for us to ermmm… continue where we stopped.”

Oh wow, so unbelievable!.

I’m surprised at my outburst of laughter. ” You must be kidding right?” I finally say.
“No Simi, I’m serious. What we had was-”
“Remember I’m a great girl and any man would be lucky to have me? ” Picking my bag from the table and easing off the chair, I fix my eyes on his, “well, someone already does.” and walk out of the restaurant without looking back.


I get into my car and dial Sukanmi’s number. He answers it almost immediately.
“Hi Sims…you good?”
“Suks I’m good…really good. Are you still up for the date I cancelled?”
“What about your ex? Have you seen him?”
“Just answer the question jor, he’s not important.” I say smiling.
“Yes I am, of course I am.” I know he’s smiling and can picture his dimpled cheeks.

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13 thoughts on “Simi’s Musings 6 – When the past comes knocking.

  1. exceptionalstar 11/07/2014 at 11:52 am Reply

    Lovely but short.


  2. Olumide 11/07/2014 at 2:32 pm Reply

    Hmmmmmmm,., ladies like to do Mary Bond (James Bond’s wife) moves after breakup. And most times it’s the guy’s fault. Always I guess. Suks the lucky bobo, Obinna will find you and aunty Sims will get caught in the middle…


  3. Tolulope 11/07/2014 at 9:53 pm Reply

    Suks had better do a good job keeping Simi……or else, Obinna will be a very good obstruction for dem both. Nice I av to wait for anoda week …Awwwww!!!!


  4. villebilingue 11/07/2014 at 10:58 pm Reply

    Short… #Simi power


  5. drnsmusings 12/07/2014 at 12:16 am Reply

    Where’s d rest?


  6. Nuella 12/07/2014 at 8:21 am Reply

    Simi will pull through. ..


  7. glowingscenes 20/07/2014 at 9:07 pm Reply

    Wow, that was so bold and courageous of her 😀


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