Through The Waters 6


Mosope was in Dolapo’s house; they were watching a movie, eating noddles and suya.
Dolapo had paused the movie when Mosope’s phone rang.

“So where were you supposed to go to? I’m guessing that was Bode right?” she asked as soon as Sope hung up.

“Yeah…we had pre-marital classes in church today.” Mosope replied dryly.

Dolapo’s eyes widened in surprise.“And you missed it?”

Mosope nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had your marital thingy today? I wouldn’t have dragged you to my house!”

Mosope selected a piece of suya and popped it into her mouth.

“SOPE did you hear me?”

“Yeah I heard you. I just didn’t feel like going okay?”

Dolapo got up from the couch she sat on and sat beside Mosope. She reached for her hand and carefully traced the engagement ring on her finger. “You know your wedding is in 7 months?”

“I know that Dolly…its just that I don’t feel excited about it anymore?”

“Hmmmmm why? Cos last time I checked you and Bode were madly in love with each other. Or is something wrong? ”

“I don’t know Dolly. . . Please can we continue our movie? ”

“No, girlfriend we need to talk!” Dolapo replied and turned off the TV with the remote.

“You turned off the TV?!”

“Yes I did. Sope life goes on…you have to move on with your life. Trust me, your mum would want you to go ahead with the wedding. Bode is a great guy and he really loves you.”

“I know…I’m just not sure anymore… Dolapo life is so uncertain, what if we get married and he dies a week after?”

‘Sope! Don’t talk like that.”

“It’s the truth though, one minute my mum was cooking coconut rice, next minute she was dead.”
“Sope true we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, that’s why we need to trust God to take care of us. He said you are engraved in his palm; do you know what that means?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard it all in church, it shows how important I am to God.”

“True, the bible says that if God can care for the birds of the air, how much more us? Fine, bad things happen but you know that as believers, life doesn’t end here. Our life on earth is only a fraction of eternity. I know it’s difficult, but take solace in the fact that she’s in heaven.”

“Yeah. Thanks Dolly. Please can we continue our movie? ”

“Okay, anytime you need to talk, always remember I’m here for you.”

“Yeah” Mosope pointed to the TV.

“Wait jor, please call Bode and apologise to him and don’t miss the next one. ”

“Yes ma.” Mosope replied impatiently.

“One more thing.”

Mosope rolled her eyes.

“We haven’t even decided between the two dresses for your bridesmaids and how about-” Dolapo continued.

“Dolapo please can we talk about this later?”

“Okay.” Dolapo replied and turned on the TV.


Both ladies slept well into the afternoon on Saturday because of the movie marathon they did the previous night. Mosope woke up to four missed calls from Bode but she didn’t call him back.
She knew he was hurt, it wasn’t really her fault she was no longer excited about the wedding. Maybe they could postpone it.

She left Dolapo’s house on Saturday evening instead of Sunday as planned because her dad called to tell her Abimbola, his secretary was coming to the house to see her. She agreed because she liked Aunty Abi as she called her. She had known her since she was a little girl.

She remembered when aunty Abi and her son, Daniel moved into their house for a few months after her husband’s death. She had a crush on Daniel and it was fuelled when he came to stay with them. It annoyed her that he kept treating her like his little sister. She smiled at the memory.

Aunty Abi was at their house every day after her mum died till she was buried. She brought cooked meals for them, entertained the visitors and helped with the burial arrangements.

She heard laughter from the living room as she entered the house. It was so good to hear her dad laugh, she couldn’t remember the last time she heard laughter in the house. She stepped into the living room and saw her dad bent over laughing really hard and aunty Abi was on her feet talking.

“You should have heard him Tunji!” She mimicked the person she was describing in a male voice ‘Mrs Abimbola I’m sorry about the mix up.’ It was so obvious he wanted to choke as he said sorry.” They both burst into laughter and then they noticed her standing by the door.

“Sope we didn’t hear you come in.” her dad said.

“Yeah… I just came in.” she greeted both of them and hugged Abimbola. She dropped her bag and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. The aroma of food filled her nostril; she opened the two pots on the cooker and saw Efo riro and stew. She felt a pang of jealousy; aunty Abi had no right to cook in her mum’s kitchen. She had a glass of water and left the kitchen.

“Aunty Abi, I saw the efo-riro and stew you made. Thank you ma.”

“You are welcome Sope. Your dad and I have eaten, I made poundo for you, and it’s in the microwave. ”

“Okay, thank you ma.” She left them and went upstairs to her room. She wanted to give them space to continue talking about what was so funny. She had just settled on her bed when she heard a knock on her door.

“Sope can I come in.”

“Yes you can.”

Abimbola entered her room and sat beside her on the bed. “Sope how are you?”

“I’m fine aunty Abi.”

“You don’t seem fine to me young lady.” She put her arm across her shoulder and pulled her close. “I know you miss your mother Sope…I do too. I sure miss my friend.”

“I miss my mum’s voice aunty Abi. I miss hearing her call my name around the house. I miss our talks, I miss her helping me pick out what to wear…I just miss her.” She closed her eyes tight to stop the tears that threatened to spill. “God just let her die.”

“Sope you can’t stay angry at God. My dear, this is when you need Him the most. He says even though You walk through the valley of the shadow of death He’ll be with you.” Abimbola reached for the tissue box beside the bed and gently wiped the tears on Mosope’s face.

“There are so many things we can’t explain as mere mortals, so many.” She continued. “I remember when my husband passed on, I felt God betrayed me; it didn’t make sense that my
husband who was committed to the Lord died in a car accident. I was so angry and was hurting deeply… it wasn’t until I let go thay I started to heal.”

“I can’t help how I feel.” She sniffed, ” God let me down… I trusted Him so much. . . so so much. ”

“You have to stop being angry my dear and lean into God’s embrace. I’m so sure His hands are stretched out to you.” Abimbola smiled, ” just lean.”


Bode was on his way to Mosope’s house after church on Sunday.

He remembered the first time he met her. He was invited to a singles seminar in Calvary Assembly by a friend from work. He was reluctant to go having been to a few singles meeting and concluded the messages were always this same. His friend succeeded in persuading him and he found himself in Calvary Assembly on a Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly he really enjoyed the program because it was different from the other ones he had attended.

During the program, the pastor told the congregation to say something to the person sitting next to them. His friend was on his right and a pretty lady was on his left. They said hello to each other and he remembered her beautiful smile.

He attended a few more services at Calvary Assembly and felt the Lord lead him to make it his church. He saw the pretty lady regularly in church singing in the choir but he didn’t get to talk to her again till some months later.

They got talking and fast became friends when they realised they had a lot in common. He admired her love and commitment to God. He knew he wanted to marry her after being friends for five months. He had prayed about it and got God’s approval.

He told her about it and she told him she needed time to pray about it. She got back to him four months later with a yes. He smiled as he remembered the way he felt that day; he felt like the luckiest man in the world. Memory after memory came to him: the day she met his parents, they both really liked her and he remembered his mum saying “Omo dada ni Mosope (Mosope is a good girl), I love her already!”

The day he went to seek her father’s approval to propose to her; after the visit, as Gbenga saw him off to his car, he said: ” If you ever make my sister cry, I’ll FINISH you. She’s very dear to me.” The look on Gbenga’s face told him he meant every word.

The day he proposed to her on the beach. He knew she wanted an intimate proposal so it was just both of them. He poured out his heart to her and asked him to marry her. She had tears in her eyes as she said yes and playfully said: “Bode you know I don’t like cooking, aren’t you scared? Cos I might not change after we get married. ” He laughed and told her: “how can I be scared to get married to the love of my life? You know I really like cooking, it’s you that should be scared about getting fat with all the delicacies I’ll cook!”

He parked in front of the Lawal’s residence.

Mosope saw Bode drive in from the window in her room. She had been in bed all day doing nothing in particular. She pretended to be asleep when her dad came to tell her he was leaving for church.

She quickly brushed her hair and went downstairs. She opened the door for him
and the expression on his face told her he came for a serious talk.

“Hi Bode.”

“Hi babe, what’s up? ” he replied and stepped into the house. He sat on a couch and she sat across.

“Mosope what is going on?? He moved to the edge of the couch. “I feel like I don’t know you anymore.

He rarely called her Mosope. She sat in silence, focusing her gaze on the wall clock above his head. Some minutes of silence passed between them.

“I’m talking to you.”

“I heard you Bode!” She replied coldly.

Shocked by her response, he sprang to his feet and sat close to her. She immediately shifted from him and she saw the hurt in his eyes.

“Mo did I do something wrong? Cos I’m pretty sure this isn’t just about your mum. ”


Bode stared at her with his mouth open.


7 thoughts on “Through The Waters 6

  1. Olayemi 31/10/2014 at 1:58 pm Reply

    Oh no! I did not see this coming. Poor Bode just take it easy. It is not about him. It is just that he’s the one available to receive all the vent up hurt and anger. Please be gentle with her and pray hard for her to come out of it.
    Nice one Feyi as usual. Don’t miss out next week.


  2. exceptionalstar 31/10/2014 at 8:22 pm Reply

    Mosope!!! Hmmm… this episode brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of so much.
    My dear friend recently lost her husband to death, only five months of marriage.

    Thanks Feyi.


    • Feyi's Dairy 01/11/2014 at 6:52 pm Reply

      Omg that’s so sad 😦
      I pray God comforts your friend and help her to bear the loss.

      Thanks dear xx


    • Frances Okoro 02/11/2014 at 7:34 am Reply

      Me too, I pray God comforts your friend Esther…
      This is really a hard place to be at but always, always, we trust God to come through for us(for all going through this for real)

      I smiled when I got to Sope’s joke of “you know I don’t like cooking..” lol. I could see a little of myself there.


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