After The Storm – Chapter 1

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Today’s story, After the Storm is by Osa Adeyemi. I was hooked after reading the first chapter. You can read the rest on her blog : .

Sorry for not completing Through The Waters yet, I haven’t been able to write.

Yemi gazed at the trees in full bloom outside the Blue water shopping mall in Kent. She felt they were absolutely breath-taking especially the Cherry blossoms. She stood there for a few minutes, then brought out her mobile phone to capture the scene. She reluctantly tore her eyes from the trees and walked into the shopping mall.

It was a lovely spring morning in April. Spring was her favourite time of the year and today’s weather was just perfect. The good weather coupled with the fact that she was going shopping, another favourite pastime of hers all added to her being in very high spirits.

A few minutes later, she walked into River Island Store. They were having sales and the prices were unbelievable. She picked out three tops and a couple of pants. She was making her way over to the fitting room to try them on when her gaze caught some more tops on display. She groaned inwardly when she saw the price tag. They were new stock so were full price. She began to move away but could not resist glancing back at them again. She would have to forfeit something else in order to get it but she was already sold on the top. She stopped further debate within herself and picked a size eight.

Three hours later, she had gone to several stores and had quite a few bags on her arms. She walked to the Hawes and Curtis shop to get some shirts for her brothers, her cousin, Tola and herself. She picked three male shirts and was undecided about the fourth one. She stood there for a while trying to make up her mind, then decided to go pick the female shirts before coming back to the male section.

Picking her own shirt was easy. She wanted a pink shirt and saw a patterned one she liked immediately. She looked at other shirts trying to decide which would best suit Tola, she would definitely not want something monotone. She was a bit whacky and the crazier the colours, the more she would like it.

As she stood there looking at the different shirts, she was not quite sure what made her look up and as she did so, looked straight into the eyes of a guy across the store. It was obvious he had been staring at her and as their eyes met, he made no effort to look away, rather a small lazy smile curved his lips.
She looked away, feeling slightly miffed. “At least he could have looked away when he was caught staring” She thought to herself.
A few minutes later she finally made up her mind what shirt to pick for Tola and then moved across the store to make the final selection in the male section.

“I believe the blue shirt looks better” Yemi heard the deep smooth voice before she saw the person speaking. She turned around and saw the guy that had been staring at her.

“Both shirts are nice but the blue looks a bit more attractive” He said to her with a slight smile.

She was not in the mood for smart pick up lines from any guy and her first thought was to dismiss him as quickly as possible but as she cast another quick glance at him, she found herself unable to do so. She didn’t know if it was the dark eyes that had a hint of roguish charm or the chiseled attractive face that arrested her, but she found herself feeling strangely tongue tied.

“I think so too” She heard herself replying a little lamely “Just that I like the purple shirt as well”

“Then get them both”

She looked at his face again. She was not short but judging by how much she had to look up to see his face, he had to be well over six feet. His fitted beige polo shirt showed his lean muscled arms to good advantage and his lithe frame was suggestive of someone that either had an active lifestyle or worked out a lot. Yeah, he was an attractive man, she thought to herself and judging from the very confident air that exuded from him, was probably very aware of it too.

“I’ve already gotten these other ones” She replied looking at the other shirts she was holding “I ll just pick the blue shirt shirt. Thanks for helping me decide”

“You’re welcome” He replied, extending his hand towards her.”I ‘m Akeem Kadiri”

“Yemi Delano” She briefly clasped his extended hand “Well, thanks again for helping me choose” She said as she took the shirt and made to head towards the Till.

“Hey, let me help you with those bags”

“I ‘m okay” She said as he made to take the bags from her “Really I am” she repeated.

“Can’t have a lady lugging all these bags around” Akeem replied, smiling charmingly at her as he took the bags from her. A faint whiff of his cologne teased her nostrils, masculine and fresh.

“Thanks, that’s kind of you”

“My pleasure”

“Do you live here?” He asked her as they made their way towards the till.

“No, I’ m on holidays. What about you?”

“I ‘m here on business but my little sis does not understand that” He smiled ruefully as he glanced at the shopping bags in his hands “I’ve always got to get her something”

“But I can see you I’ve got some things already” Yemi said looking at the shopping bags he was carrying. Some bore the names of some shops that she only ever went in to have a look because their sale prices were higher than the full prices of items in other stores.

“I’ve actually bought everything I need. Got her some other stuff and she specifically asked for shirts from this shop, so that’s it, I ‘m done now” He sounded relieved.

She was amused at at the expression on his face, typical male, it was obvious he didn’t enjoy being in shops.

They got to the Till and took their turn on the short queue. Akeem paid for the shirts he had picked then made to pay for her’s.

“Oh no, I’ve got that covered” She replied quickly, handing her money over to the cashier. He must have noticed the determined look on her face because he said nothing more.

He shot her an amused glance as they walked out of the shop “Are you always this independent? I didn’t mean any harm”

“I ‘m sorry if I sounded ungrateful but I had really budgeted for those shirts” She glanced at her wristwatch “I’ve got to go now but it’s been nice meeting you…” She held out her hands for her shopping bags.

A teasing smile curved his lips “Trying to get rid of me? Not so fast. Are you done shopping?”

“No, but I can see you don’t like shopping and I don’t want to hold you up”

“I’m not complaining. So long as you agree to have lunch with me afterwards”

Yemi hesitated “What were you planning up do after getting the shirts for your sister?”

“Have lunch, go home….nothing special planned”

She shrugged “Very well then but I want to pop into about three more stores and then I ‘ll be done”

“At your service” He made an exaggerated bow and she was forced to laugh.

“Don’t say you weren’t warned” She told him as she led the way towards another store.

“No worries! Just carry on”

True to his word, he followed her to all the stores she wanted to go to and waited patiently while she looked at different items and picked what she wanted. She could feel him looking at her all through. That seemed to be a habit with him and he just smiled in that slow attractive way of his whenever their eyes met.

“Phew!” She whistled as she stepped out of Next Stores a while later “I am really tired now, you must be too” She said in an almost accusatory tone. There was no way he could have enjoyed what she had just put him through. She had actually been expecting him to tell her that at some point that he had to go.

“I told you that I ‘m at your service” He replied, clearly amused at her slightly peeved tone “Are you sure you ‘re done?”

“Now you ‘re making fun of me”

“No I’m not!” Akeem laughed. “And really, I ‘m quite okay if you still have any more shops to go to”

“One more actually” Yemi answered, smiling mischievously up at him “But this time just to look, not buying anything”

He arched his brow slightly “Why is that?”

“You ‘ll see when we get there” She smiled mysteriously “I always go in there when I am in Bluewater but like I said, it’s just to look”

She led the way towards the store and a few minutes later they entered the Mulberry Shop.

“See what I mean!” She laughed as she held up a bag for him to look at the price tag. “That’s all the shopping money I brought to England!”

“Nice bag though” He commented, looking at the bag closely “Neat finishing, beautiful leather”

“Mulberry Bags are always lovely, but way too expensive for a student like me” She picked up another one and giggled at the price tag. It was even more expensive than the first one.

“Hmmm….” Akeem was still busy looking at the different bags “My sister would love one of these but I wonder why ladies like bags?”

“No idea!” Yemi laughed “We just do!”

“I think this is the prettiest” He held up one of the bags.

“I like this one best” Yemi said pointing to another one “Tan is a lovely colour. It has a way of bringing out the beauty of a bag more than black”

“Seems like you know what you are talking about” Akeem teased.

“I love bags; I may not be able to afford a Mulberry bag now but someday…” She clicked her fingers “I shall snap one up” She turned towards him with a satisfied smile on her face “I think I ‘m done now”
Akeem took one final look at the bags before following her out of the store “So now that we’re done, where would you like to eat?”

She shrugged “I don’t really mind anywhere, KFC, MacDonald’s, Nando’s, any one of them will do”


She made a face “Nah!”

He laughed “It’s very healthy, you know, tastes good too”

She shook her head “Thanks but no thanks!”

“Well, whatever the lady wants, why don’t we go downstairs then and see where the least queue is?”

They settled for Nando’s, the queue was surprisingly short. They were led to their table by a waiter and Akeem went back to queue up for their orders.

“So how long are you staying in England?” He asked when he came back to the table.

“I ‘ve got nine days left. What about you?”

“I am here for two weeks, although I will be flying to Scotland in between”

“What do you do?” Yemi asked curiously. The more she talked with him, the more she felt he was not like the regular guys she had known in the past; in fact he made seem like boys.

“What do I do?” Akeem repeated, as if trying to remember “In broad terms, I am a business man”

“What kind of business do you do?”

“I don’t want to bore your pretty head with business talk”

“That’s patronising”

His lips twitched in amusement at her tone “My family is largely into Oil and Gas, real estate and banking”

Yemi kept a bland face as she tried to take in the information. She looked at his face again as though trying to decipher if he was joking or not. He seemed to have loads of confidence but other than that, appeared to be guy on a day out. Yes, he bought his sister designer clobber from exclusive stores but anyone that wanted to give their sister a treat could do that, couldn’t they? Her thoughts were interrupted as the waiter brought their food.

“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” Akeem asked a few minutes later, spearing a piece of chicken with his fork.

“Go on and ask. I don’t guarantee giving you an answer though”

“How old are you?”

“You should not ask a lady how old they are”

He chuckled “Yeah, I’ve heard of that, that’s why I asked you for permission”

“I was twenty one, two months ago. This holiday is actually my birthday present from my parents and my brothers. What about you? How old are you?”

“Twenty nine next birthday”

She pretended to do a double take “Hmmm…. old man” She teased.

“Little girl” Akeem replied, smiling that slow attractive smile at her again “Little beautiful girl”

Yemi looked away, feeling slightly flustered. He had such beautiful eyes, dark with thick lashes. She shook herself mentally. She had to get a grip on herself. He seemed to have a way of making her feel unsettled with just one glance. She decided to concentrate on her chicken.

“So where do you live back home?”

Yemi made to answer, then heard her phone ring. She looked at her handset and saw it was Tola.

“Sorry Akeem, I have to take this call, my cousin is meant to meet me up here and may be wondering where I am”

A few minutes later, she put her handset away, looking slightly disappointed.

“Are you okay?” He asked, looking concerned.

“I ‘m fine” Yemi sighed “She was supposed to pick me up but she’s held up in traffic”

“I can take you home”

“You drive here? Oh, I see, you have an international driving license”

“I did both my A levels and Uni here, got my UK driver’s license then”


He took another sip of his drink, not taking his eyes off her “So back to my question, where do you live in Lagos?”

“Akoka, my dad is a lecturer at University of Lagos, we live in the staff quarters, what about you?”

“On the Island, Lekki”

“What discipline does your mum lecture?”

“Mmmm….clever lady, and your dad?”

“He’s a professor of economics”


“You are from the North, aren’t you?” She had been trying to decipher that for some time. His accent didn’t tell her anything but after struggling to fit him into a state, she had concluded that was the most likely region he was from.

He smiled “Correct. I’m from Niger state. My parents moved to Lagos when I was five”

Yemi looked at him thoughtfully and he looked back at her with an inscrutable look in his eyes. She was dying to ask him more questions but didn’t want to appear to be prying.

“Go on and ask” Akeem said, a smile tugging the corner of his lips.

She could not help smiling back “What makes you think I want to ask you a question?” She countered.

“It’s written all over your face”

“How is the chicken? hope you like it?” She asked mischievously and Akeem laughed.

“You know you weren’t going to ask me about the chicken” He said, still laughing. “So go on and ask me what you want to know”

Definitely not. She thought to herself. That would be setting herself up and he would think she was interested in him. It didn’t matter that he had carried her bags all afternoon and insisted she had lunch with him.

“What Uni did you go to?” She asked. That was a general question, wasn’t it?


“Mmmm, nice one. It’s part of the Russel group of schools, isn’t it?”

“Lecturer’s kids like stuff like that, don’t they?” He teased “Russell group, Ivy League……” He said each word in a lofty manner before laughing at the look on her face.

“I don’t have to be a lecturer’s kid to like a good school” Yemi protested.

“But you guys tend to be more academic minded” He leaned forward slightly and his cologne teased her nostrils again as he did so, woodsy and spicy. Heady. “Tell me what it was like growing up in a university campus”

She made a face at him “No way, you’re just going to turn around and use it against me” She glanced at her wristwatch “I’ve to get going now anyway”

“No need to rush off, I ‘m taking you home, remember?”

She hesitated “I really don’t want to take you out of your way”

“It’s no bother, Yemi, and we can set out now if you like”

“All right, thank you”

They made their way to the parking lot and he led her towards his car. He clicked on the car keys in his hands and the indicators of his car flashed as they got closer. She didn’t recognise the make of the car but it was a sleek looking low sports car. He held the door open for her and she was again impressed with his manners.

She tried not to stare at the plush interior of the car. What he had said earlier about his family business was starting to make some sense to her. Well, if he was from that kind of family, he certainly had no airs whatsoever. She watched him subtly as he keyed the postcode of her aunt’s house into the satnav of the car.

The strains of some soft jazz music filtered in from the speakers as he drove out of the parking lot. They talked lightly as he drove on towards Darent Valley Park where Yemi was staying with her Aunt and her family.

As they got closer to the street where she lived, he glanced sideways at her “My business meetings take up most of my mornings and afternoons but I’d love to see you in the evenings, is that okay?”

She did not reply immediately. He seemed a nice guy but someone as good looking as he was had to have tonnes of girls around him. She was not joining that queue. “Let me have a think about it and get back to you”

He cast her a quick look before focusing ahead again “Are you in a relationship?” He asked after a couple of minutes.

“No I ‘m not. Are you?”

“No” He replied “So?”

She pretended she didn’t know what he meant “So, what?”

“So now that we have that out of the way, shall I pick you up tomorrow at about seven?”

“I’ll let you know”

He glanced at her again but said nothing and continued driving. A few minutes later, he drove into the street where her Aunt lived.

“That’s the house over there, by the blue Hyundai” Yemi said pointing to one of the houses in the street “You can park anywhere around here”

He carried her bags to the front door then asked her for mobile number. She waited until he had driven off before she went inside. She felt strangely light and happy and could not keep the silly smile off her face. She started to put her shopping away but changed her mind, she knew Tola would want to see them when she came back. She flopped on the bed and rolled over.

“No use getting your head up in the clouds, he may not even call again” But she could not stop the warm fuzzy thoughts flitting through her mind.

She must have dozed off because the next thing she knew was Tola tapping her gently.

“Wake up sleeping beauty” Her cousin grinned at her “How on earth are you still going to be able to sleep tonight?”

Yemi smiled sleepily as she stretched herself on the bed “Wow, I feel so refreshed!”

“How did the shopping go?”

“Let me show you” Yemi stretched herself again before getting up.

“Cool choices!” Tola said as she inspected the clothes “But then you ‘ve always had an eye for good stuff” Her eyes caught a particular top “Whoa! look at that!” She held it against herself and her eyes widened some more as she saw the price tag

“No! the price can’t be that low!”

“Seventy per cent discount, my girl” Yemi replied smugly “I snapped it up immediately, that was the only one left”

“It’s beautiful. You’re going to blow everyone away this last semester”

Yemi put her things away, then lay back on the bed. “I met someone today…”

Tola pounced on the bed in excitement “Hey, what have you been up to, girl!”

Yemi recounted her afternoon to Tola while the latter listened with rapt attention.

She eyed Yemi “I can see you like him”

Yemi smiled coyly “Not really sure….”

“Don’t deceive yourself. When is he going to call?”

“He may not even call again” She pouted slightly “He called me a little girl!”

“But he spent the whole of the afternoon with you. That has got to mean something; he is definitely going to call”

“That’s down to him. I ‘m certainly not going to call him

“Loosen up,girl! What have you got to lose?”

Her heart to a handsome stranger on a business trip to England? She didn’t like the picture that came up in her mind. Maybe it would be just as well if he didn’t call again. She didn’t need any man messing with her emotions.


Tola and her spent the evening cooking and chatting and then decided to watch a movie afterwards. Much later, they trudged upstairs to their bedroom. Tola’s parents had retired to bed and the girls were the only ones awake in the house.

Yemi heard her phone ring just as she settled in bed. She fished her handset out of her bag and her eyes widened as she saw Akeem’s number. Tola’s eyes gleamed, catching on who it was. She smiled and inched closer to Yemi. Yemi put a finger across her lips motioning her not to speak.

“Hello Akeem” She said as she connected the call “Aren’t old men supposed to be in bed by now?”

He chuckled “Little girls too. It’s way past your bedtime”

“I ‘m already in bed. What have you been up to?”

“Thinking of you, hoping you were not just a daydream. I had to call you to make sure”

Yemi laughed “I can assure you I ‘m very much flesh and blood”

He pretended to exhale deeply “I ‘m definitely breathing easier now. So is our date on tomorrow?”

She paused before answering “I believe so”

“Great! I ‘ll definitely sleep better now that I know I ‘ll be seeing you tomorrow”

“Do you always call ladies this late at night?” She smiled as she saw Tola inching closer still and trying to hear Akeem through the phone.

“Only beautiful ones that keep flitting around in my mind” She could hear the smile in his voice. “What are you doing during the day tomorrow?”

“Not going anywhere. Just going to laze around with my cousin”

“I wish I could spend the whole day with you” He said softly.

Yemi felt her her heart flutter at his tone “Well that’s obviously not going to happen”

“Don’t be too sure, I could scrap all my meetings. Call in sick, think up an excuse, anything”

“That will be an own goal, won’t it?”

“See your effect on me? You are making me think irrationally”

“I’d better not see you again then”

He laughed “Girl, I will be camped outside your door until you do! Placards and all!”

“You I’ve been watching too many romantic movies”

“My schedule’s been too tight for movies lately but even when I do, it’s definitely not romantic movies”

“Then maybe we should go watch a nice soppy one tomorrow”

“No way!”

She looked at Tola who was now lying back on the bed “I ‘ve got to go now, Akeem”

“Do you?” He replied, sounding as if he didn’t want to end the conversation “All right, tomorrow is almost here anyway”

“Yeah…So have a good night”

“You too, little girl” Akeem replied softly “Have a lovely night”


Akeem sent her a text at about noon the next day. Yemi read the text and then text him back. They continued texting each other back and forth until Tola was thoroughly disgusted.

A few minutes before seven o’clock later that evening, The door bell ring.

“Looks like your guy has arrived” Tola said peeping out through their bedroom window “Can’t see the face clearly but there is someone at the door. I’ll just go check”

Yemi looked quickly at the mirror. She was wearing one of the new dresses she had bought the day before. The simple cut flattered her figure. It had thin straps, flared out just after the hips and ended in soft folds around her knees.

The evening looked like it just might be a little cool and Tola had lent her a wrap in almost the same shade as the dress.

Tola could barely contain her excitement when she came back upstairs. “The guy is gorgeous! And he drives an Aston Martin! Peeped at it from the study, that’s the only strange car out there and I know it’s got to his!”

“So that’s what it is, thought it looked nice”

“Nice?” She rolled her eyes as if in despair of Yemi’s ignorance “I don’t know what I am going to do with you!”

Yemi made a face at her as she slipped on her shoes and took one final glance at the mirror.

“Go on, girl” Tola said, giving her a gentle push “You look fab!”

Akeem stood up when they entered the sitting room. “Hey” His eyes swept over her admiringly “You look beautiful”

“Thanks” She hoped she was not sounding as breathless as she felt. Just one look from those eyes and she was melting like butter. She introduced Tola to him.

“Hello again…..Tola” Akeem replied with a smile.

Yemi was amazed to see her brash cousin shy. It was good to know it wasn’t just her he had that effect on.

They made light conversation on their way. He drove confidently and appeared very used to the road networks. She glanced subtly at his hands on the steering wheel. He had nice fingers, long and neatly manicured. She also liked the way the cut of his navy blue blazer molded his broad shoulders, like it was made on him.

He glanced at her at that moment and caught her eyes on him. She looked quickly away, feeling a little embarrassed.

He turned off the motorway into a side road and a few minutes drove into the parking lot of a hotel.

“Nice looking place” Yemi said as they walked into the restaurant.

“I’ve been here before and really liked their service. I didn’t want to drive into London since I’d promised I won’t keep you out late”

A waiter approached them and Akeem gave him the reservation number of the table he had booked, the waiter led them to the table, took their orders for drinks and left them with the menu.

“So when will you be done with Uni?” He asked.

“About four months from now, can hardly wait!”

“Maybe you can come work for me” Akeem said and Yemi laughed “Honestly” He maintained.

She smiled cheekily at him “Are you sure you can afford to pay me?”

He smiled back at her “I should be able to pay a little girl like you. Tell me what you want and it’s a done deal”

“Don’t tempt me, I may just ask to be paid in pounds”

“I like people who place value on themselves, even inexperienced ones my company has to train first” He chuckled as the indignant look on her face.

“Inexperienced or not, I’ll definitely add value to any company I work for!”

“That’s the confidence I like so much about you” He was still looking very amused “Are you ready to make your order now?” He asked. She nodded and he beckoned to the hovering waiter.

The food was lovely but she enjoyed his company more. She found herself relaxing and laughing with him as if they had known each other for a long time.

“Do you come to England that often?” She asked she learnt he owned the apartment he was staying in.

“A few times, but this is about the longest time I’m spending on one trip, glad though” He added softly “As it will give me some time with you before we go back home”

Yemi felt her heart race at the look in his eyes but she tried to keep her tone light “And then the business man goes back to the board room and the student to the lecture theater”

“Really?” He asked with an amused frown “So you mean I ‘m just going to be some sort of entertainment for you while you ‘re on holiday?”

“Glad you’ve caught on” Yemi smiled, playing along “This is a special hobby of mine. I meet old men, amuse myself, dump them and move on”

“Whoa, I am in trouble then, a serial heart breaker!”
Yemi laughed at his mock expression of fear “Better start praying so you don’t fall prey”

“Too late” Akeem said holding her gaze “I was hooked the moment I saw you and I don’t intend to get dumped”

“You can’t prevent it” Yemi boasted “That’s the way it is”

He smiled as he shook his head slightly “”I ‘m not letting that happen to me. Baby, where you go….., I go too”

She found herself liking him more as the evening went on. He was such an easy going guy, confident without being arrogant, in fact if she wanted to be truthful to herself, she liked him a great deal.

“Here we are” He said as he parked in front of her house later that night “Safely delivered back home in one piece”

“Thanks, I’ve really had such a pleasant evening”

“The pleasure was all mine” He put off the ignition and turned towards her “Yemi, I was serious about what I said earlier. I really do like you”

She suddenly found it difficult meeting his eyes “But we’ve only just met”

“I know, but I also know there’s something special about you” He took her hand in his and squeezed gently when she remained quiet “Yemi?”

She lifted her eyes to his face. From what she had seen of him, she knew he definitely would not be lacking in female companionship “What do you want from me, Akeem?”

He met her gaze full on “An opportunity to allow what’s stirring up between us grow” He replied softly. “Give me a chance to know you better”

Yemi looked at him. She liked him but she had no intention of being a casual fling for a traveling business man “Its getting late, I’ve got to go in now” She finally said.

“Am I seeing you tomorrow?”

“Not tomorrow but I’ll call you”

He released her hand after another gentle squeeze, then touched her cheek lightly “Have a lovely night.”


“What are you smiling and staring at?” Tola asked as she came into the room the next day “Oh let me guess” She said as she saw Yemi looking at her phone “Another text from Prince Charming. Are you seeing him again tonight?”

“I declined, felt I needed time to clear my head and put things in the right perspective”

“Has he asked you out formally?”

“Well sort of, he says he wants us get to know each other better. Same thing, isn’t it?”

“Yep” She nodded “And If I were you, I’d say yes to him. He appears very nice, super hot too!”

Yemi chewed on her lower lip. “I don’t want to let go of my feelings and then find out he ‘s only been playing me along”

“Relax and just go with the flow, girl!”

Yemi scowled “Be serious Tola”

Her eyes widened “But I am! Or do you know any other way to find out?”

She didn’t. She already liked him and she knew it would take very little to like him a whole lot more. It took just one look from those gorgeous dark eyes of his and all her defenses appeared to crumble. Why would a guy have eyes like that anyway?

Smouldering dark eyes with thick lashes. They were a positive hazard to any girl.

“I guess every girl goes through this” Tola said interrupting her thoughts “One’s never really sure how exactly things would go”

“But you know I ‘m not really an experimenting kind of girl”

Tola grimaced “Don’t we all know it? You ‘ve never even had a proper relationship”

“I ‘ve not missed a lot either” Yemi replied drily “Just by watching your relationships, the giddy beginnings and then the inevitable call from you telling me that it was fun while it lasted but that it’s all over” She made a face at Tola “That’s enough to turn anyone off”

“Maybe…… but I’ve got all that experience!” Tola said airily “And I’ve learnt a lesson from every single one of them and one day I’ll meet my ‘Perfect one’”

Yemi sniffed at the dreamy expression on her face “That’s the trouble with you. Take things a bit slower and and don’t even start a relationship until you’re really sure”

“Yes Grandma” Tola mocked throwing a pillow at her “But where would the fun be if I don’t experiment?”

Yemi ducked the pillow and threw another one back at her “You need help”


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