Oh small chops! How I miss thee!

Hi People!

So I’ve been thinking about writing this post lately. I finally got round to it.

I left Lagos a couple of months ago and moved back to the UK. Surprisingly, I don’t miss Lagos as much as I did when I first moved to the UK a little over 11 years ago.

Apart from the constant sunshine, here are some of the things I miss:

1. Small Chops – you’ll agree with me that a Lagos wedding is incomplete without small chops! In my opinion, it’s even more important than party rice. I know I can vuy springrolls and samosa in Iceland but what of the dodo masa, puff puff, peppered gizzard/chicken?!

I mean, it’s not only at weddings or owambes you get small chops. There was a time we got 3 or 4 packs of small chops a week at work because it was someone’s birthday. Nobody had to tell me to stop receiving those small packs of yumminess when I began struggling to fit into my clothes.

2. Mama Tee- I’m sure you are wondering what Mama Tee is lol. If you work in Lagos Island, you should know. Well, except you are extra posh. Mama Tee is a buka in one the carparks in Marina. My colleagues and I would head there during lunch time to buy some rice, beans, pepper stew, ponmo, roundabout, shaki, boiled egg, fried rice, jollof rice, dodo. Not every item of course!

3. My Church: I attended RCCG Wisdom City in Surulere with my sister. We discovered that church after trying a couple of churches before settling there. I miss the church services especially thanksgiving service. Our pastor would ask couples celebrating their wedding anniversary to show some PDA and it was soo much jokes!

4. Office Banter: I mean, the fact that everyone is Nigerian and gets all your jokes. I miss the mini photo sessions we used to have in the mornings. Someone decides to take a selfie and next thing you know, it turns into several usfies.

I remember when I told my friend who lived in the UK that my colleagues in Nigeria were my friends and she found it odd. Now I understand. Here, it’s just a lot of small talk about the weather, holiday plans, weekend plans etc.

I remember the first work dinner I attended, it was a leaving dinner for someone retiring. So drinks were scheduled for an hour before the actual dinner. It was my second week in the company and I was still trying to settle in. Unknown to me, during drinks, we were expected to chat for an hour on our feet. Boy, did I struggle. From having to strike up conversations and knowing when to laugh/smile. Let’s just say your girl was glad when it was time for dinner. Surely, I wouldn’t have struggled with making small talk if I was in Nigeria. But I’m learning now.

5. Suya: you’ll probably notice that I seem to miss food a lot. We’ll, that’s because I’m a foodie! There is this suya joint on Akerele we used to frequent. Per Nigerian style, no queues, so it was about who could hustle better. Thanks to my friend who used to help me buy. Although, I can buy suya here, I just haven’t tried it. Maybe, I’ll be desperate enough one day. I also know I can make mine, I’ve read amazing reviews about Foodace’s suya spice. Maybe one day…

6. Getting my hair done: sigh…sigh…sigh… Need I say more?!

7. Street snacking: yes another food item lol. I think working in Lagos Island for two and a half years made me more adventurous with street food/snacking. I miss boiled corn and coconut, Red Oaks plantain chips, boiled groundnut, sugar cane, boli and roasted groundnut, Cotonou pineapple.

Have you had to relocate? What did you miss most? Please share in the comment section.

I have a very interesting interview coming up this Friday, so please stop by!




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2 thoughts on “Oh small chops! How I miss thee!

  1. idowudami 05/09/2017 at 10:29 pm Reply

    Hi Odun, I really enjoyed this post and I can totally relate with most of this points highlighted like the office banter and suya, I really really miss suya plus the struggle to get your hair done in the UK is real.


  2. Feyi's Dairy 08/09/2017 at 8:12 am Reply

    Thanks for reading Dami. Tell me about it! I’ve now become a fan of wigs


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