Through The Waters 10

There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is destruction.

Mosope turned to the direction of the voice she just heard. There was no one else in her room with her. Where did that voice come from? Did she only imagined it?

Listen my daughter to your father’s instructions and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Was her dad back home? She stepped out of her room and called him but there was no response.

The voice was so audible.

Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, she reasoned. There was nothing wrong in going to spend the night with a guy who was her friend. Yinka had suggested she spend the night so they could  go to church together tomorrow. He assured her that he’ll get the guest room ready for her.

Their friendship had blossomed in the past one year. He was always there for her, very attentive and very sweet. People assumed they were dating although Yinka hadn’t  asked her out formally and she was too shy to ask him to define their friendship.

He was constantly buying her gifts, randomly sending cupcakes to her at work. Her colleagues had come to expect cupcakes every week. Someone joked that he probably had a standing order with the cupcake store. She lost count of the number of perfumes he bought her. She had several she hadn’t even opened.

Her birthday was yesterday and he sent her a massive cake and told her the real celebration would happen over the weekend because he was out of town. A parcel was also delivered to her office from Bode which she didn’t bother to open. She wondered why Bode didn’t give up even though it had been almost a year since they broke up. He had called her in the morning but she ignored his call.

Her heard the vibration of her phone. She glanced at the screen and smiled. It was a message from Yinka telling her he was looking forward to seeing her. She had told him they could move her birthday celebration to next week since he only just got in from Ghana this morning but he refused. She smiled and reached for a brush for her hair. She had gone to the salon earlier to have it curled and just brushed a few loose strands off the side of her face. Yinka loved it when she made an effort with her appearance. He loved it when she got her nails done, fixed a long and curly weave and had her face ‘beat’. She applied another coat of mascara and was pleased with her appearance in the mirror.

The vibration of her phone announced the arrival of her cab. Satisfied with her appearance in  the mirror, she picked up her clutch and overnight bag. She had on a white wrap top and blue trousers which she paired with brown mules. She didn’t want to appear too plain beside a sophisticated man.

She was just about to lock the front door when her phone rang. She smiled when she saw her niece’s picture which she used as  Gbenga’s contact picture. She made a mental note to go visit them, she hadn’t seen Debby in a while.

‘Hi bro’. She put the housekeys by the side of her bag and walked towards the cab.

‘Hi Sope. How are you?’

‘I’m good Gbenga, how’s my little princess?’

‘She’s good, she misses her aunty.’

‘Gbenga please hold on.’ She entered the taxi and told the driver her destination.

‘Gbenga, I’m back. I miss my little munchkin too.  I have a dress I got for her  a few weeks ago’

‘Thanks auntie Sope. So, where are you off to? It sounds like you are out.’

‘To see a friend.’

‘Which of your friends?’

She rolled her eyes. Why does he have to be so nosy. ‘A friend you don’t know.’ She laughed. ‘It’s not like you know all my friends oh.’

‘I hope its not that guy you’ve been hanging out with?’


‘Hello Sope, are you still there?’

‘Yes I am. Gbenga I have to go.’

‘You didn’t answer-

‘Bye Gbenga.’ She ended the call and sighed. When was Gbenga going to stop policing her? Didn’t he realise she was a grown woman.

Her phone vibrated and she saw a message from Gbenga.

Sope, I feel troubled in my spirit and it is because of you. Please be careful little Sister.’

She could see he was still online on Whats app, so replying him would turn to another round of conversation. She would reply later.

There was traffic, so the car went at a snail pace. Her thoughts drifted to some years ago, her mum had come to pick her up from boarding school for half term. On their way home, there was serious traffic which was caused by a broken-down truck. The had been on the same spot for over an hour and Sope was uneasy. She had slept and woken up and they were still on the same spot.

Mummy, I’m tired

‘Sorry darling, do you want water?’ 

She shook her head in response.‘I just want to go home.’ She protested.

‘We’ll be home soon darling. I’ll tell you a story. Her mum went on to tell her about how she met her dad. They were both workers in the same fellowship in university. He was an usher and she was in prayer team. They were not friends because it was a large fellowship and only said the occasional hello. After university, they were posted to the same state for their NYSC and become friends.

‘Your dad was so quiet back then. He hardly spoke to anyone but-‘ Deborah said

‘So what happened?’

‘Mo-so-pe be patient.’

‘Okay mummy.’

‘You know, I was 24 then and I was already praying to God about my husband because I wanted him to choose for me.’

‘Why would God choose your husband for you? Isn’t He too busy with other people’s prayers?’

‘Spread out your right palm.’ Deborah pointed at her daughter’s palm ‘Sope God has you in His palm, just like the lines on them. He can never be too busy for you.

‘Madam, what number did you say we were going to again?’


‘Oh sorry, number 10.’ She checked the time on her phone. It was 5: 48pm. Yinka had told her to come by 5pm. She sent him a message on the way that she was running late because of traffic but she didn’t get any response from him.

‘Ohh that’s it right in front.’ The driver drove to the house and parked.

She paid the cab driver and picked up her hand bag.

‘Aunty, please be careful.’

‘What did you say?’

‘I said please be careful.’

A frown appeared on her face immediately. ‘Last I remember, you were a cab driver and not an advisor.’ She hissed and slammed the car door so hard that the driver jumped.

As she walked towards the entrance, she noticed two cars parked, a Range rover sport and a Mercedes. She smiled, so he even has a Range Rover! It wouldn’t hurt to date a rich man you know!

Just then, Yinka walked out of the front door. He had on a white polo which hugged every inch of his six packs, navy shorts and blue flip flops. He was indeed a sight to behold.

‘Hello beautiful!’ He greeted and wrapped her into a hug. Sope inhaled the alluring scent of his cologne. It felt so good to be in his arms.

‘Hello Yinka’ She pulled back. ‘I’m finally here! Sorry I’m late, there was traffic.’

“No problem darling, aren’t we in Lagos again? Where you can never predict traffic. At least it gave me extra time to finish preparing dinner.’

‘I can’t believe you still had the energy to cook. We could have just ordered pizza you know.’

‘Nah, my lady deserves the best.’

My lady. She smiled back at him and he took her right hand and led her into his house.

His house was tastefully furnished, with exquisite interior décor. She glanced round the living room and noticed how impeccable it was. Nothing was out of place, even his remote controls were placed on a stand. ‘Yinka your house is beautiful! And you have cream carpets!’ She glanced at her shoes. ‘Sorry, I didn’t take off my shoes.’

‘It’s okay beautiful, I will break my no shoes rule because it’s you.’ He winked at her. ‘Anything for my Sope.’

My Sope. Hearing him say that made her smile. She proceeded to take off her shoes and placed them neatly beside the door.

She hardly went to Bode’s house because of the boundaries they set in their relationship. But the few times she went, it wasn’t very tidy. It was a far cry from Yinka’s house.

‘So, what would you like to drink? I have red wine, champagne, baileys, name it.’ He noticed a frown on her face. ‘Oh, I forgot, you don’t drink right? I have cranberry juice.’

Yes, she didn’t drink because of her convictions but she didn’t want to embarrass herself. She should try the red wine, besides she heard it was good for the heart. ‘Can I have red wine please?’

If he was surprised, Yinka didn’t show it. ‘Ok princess, I’ll be right back. Feel at home, you can change the TV channel. He walked towards the TV and brought the remotes to her.

‘Thanks. I feel like some August visitor.’ She giggled.

‘You are my August visitor my darling!’


4 thoughts on “Through The Waters 10

  1. Ebi 16/01/2018 at 7:43 pm Reply

    Love it. Welldone Odun!! Can’t wait for the next episode


  2. Bilingual-Moi 17/01/2018 at 6:13 pm Reply

    Sope… i dey fear for you


  3. exceptionalstar 18/01/2018 at 6:54 pm Reply

    The devil is a liar. It’s sometimes alarming how we sometimes play dumb to warning.


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