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From this day forward…Conclusion.

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Tokinbo prayed.

He prayed the entire 20 minutes drive to the hospital. He silenced all the negative thoughts that were creeping into his mind. Tinu was fine, he knew it and believed it.
He parked his car and dashed into the hospital’s reception and was directed to where his wife was. He saw her parents and Sola at the room’s entrance in what seemed like a prayer circle. Just then the doctor appeared.

‘Mr Williams’ Dr Anjorin, the family Doctor shook his hand.

‘How’s my wife? What happened? Is she okay? Can I go in to see her… ’ He didn’t even wait to hear the answer to all his questions before barging into the room. He saw Atinuke sleeping on the hospital bed; to his relief, she wasn’t strapped to some big machines and it seemed like whatever happened was really minor. He blinked back tears as he gently stroked her hair.
He could have lost her.

‘Mr Williams, please can I speak to you in my office?’
‘Yeah sure doctor.’
They left the room and met Tinu’s parents outside.
‘Tokunbo we’ll leave now and come over to the house’.
‘Thank you sir, thank you ma.’

Inside the doctor’s office, Tokunbo was informed about his wife’s condition. She was very lucky because she only sustained a minor cut on her shoulder which should heal in no time. Dr Anjorin briefed him about the accident based on what he was told by the person that brought her to the hospital. Apparently, Atinuke had run a red light at an intersection and was hit by a car coming from the right. Luckily for her the impact of the collusion was on the rear of the car. The driver of the car brought her to the hospital.

Cold shivers ran through his body as the thought of what would have happened to his wife hit him. She would have died thanks to him because the only explanation for Tinu running a red light was that she had to be lost in thought.

God had given him a second chance.


4 hours later in the hospital room, Tokunbo who had been sitting on a chair beside his wife had fallen asleep. Her eyes fluttered open as she tried to adjust to her surroundings and then she remembered the accident. She saw Tokunbo sitting beside her looking so tired.

His eyes sprang open at the sound of his name.
‘Tinu love’ He pushed the chair backwards and sat on the bed beside her.
‘How are you?’
‘I’m okay,’ she smiled ‘Just a slight headache’.
‘Sorry sweetheart’ his hands went up to her face as he stroked her cheek tenderly.
‘Tokunbo I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I’m…’

He silenced her with a kiss.


5 months later, Atinuke smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she made her way down the stairs . She could definitely see the glow newlyweds supposedly had. Tokunbo would be back any minute from now, she went into the kitchen to turn off the electric cooker; she had cooked Chicken Chow Mein. A recipe she was trying for the first time and it turned out really well.
Atinuke had opened up to her husband about the rape as soon as she left the hospital. He was quiet as she spoke and she was worried when he didn’t say a word even after she finished her revelation. Nothing prepared her for the outburst that followed:

‘You mean that animal went away scot- free after what he did to you???’ he thundered.
She nodded.
‘I can’t believe it’ he hissed and began pacing. ‘And your parents told you never to talk about it? Rape is not some dust or dirt you just sweep under the carpet’ he continued.
‘Tokunbo, it happened a long time ago and I’ve forgiven him. What’s…’
‘Sweetheart I know you have’ he pulled her into a hug. ‘I can’t believe my baby went through that and you didn’t tell me.’
‘I’m sorry TJ, Please forgive me.’
‘There’s nothing to forgive sweets.’ He kissed her gently and held on to her for a while. ‘No more secrets between us, from now on, okay?’


Finally, she heard the sound of his car drive in and she walked towards the door to meet him. He looked so handsome in his striped navy blue shirt.
‘Hi honey’
‘Hi sweetie’. He hugged her and planted a kiss on her lips.
‘How was work today? Hope Jumoke liked her cake?’ he asked.
‘Yes she did oh after complaining about me trying to make her fat, but you can trust, she had more than her fair share’.

They chatted for a few minutes till Tokunbo went up to freshen up and came back downstairs for dinner. He walked into the kitchen to meet her and hugged her from behind as she dished their dinner. ‘Yummm, this looks good’, he reached out to grab a chicken strip.

‘By the way, I have a surprise for you.’ he whispered.
‘Hmmmm, really?’
‘Yeah, hold on a sec’
He broke away from the embrace and went into their room. He came out almost immediately with a brown envelope which he handed to her.
‘Go on, open it’ he urged.
Inside it were two flight tickets to Dubai. ‘Oh my!! We are going to Dubai!!!’ She screamed and threw herself at him.
‘Yeah baby, time for that honeymoon we never had.’ He replied as he swept her off her feet.


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From this day forward…Part 4

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Last Saturday was the clincher.

Tinuke blinked back burning tears as she stuffed some of her clothes into a suitcase. She was going away; far away from Tokunbo because she couldn’t take it anymore. She had summoned up courage to carry out Sola’s advice and what did she get out of it? When Tokunbo opened the door, he stood there for some minutes and slammed the door in her face. She had banged on the door and apologised but he didn’t say a word; humiliated and exhausted she left. The following week was awful; if they acted like strangers before, now they acted like enemies. She refused to speak to him or even make his meals; not with the way he treated her. She refused to act like his wife since she wasn’t being treated like one.
She regretted not telling him before they got married but she felt too ashamed to talk about it and then there was Sola’s advice. She had reached a point where she couldn’t care less what her parents would say, what friends would say and what church members would say. She needed to be away from him.
She put the suitcase in the boot and wiped away the tears on her face. As she drove out of the driveway, memories of the day Tokunbo proposed came to her. They had been dating for almost 2 years and they both knew where the relationship was heading. She thought he would propose on her birthday but he didn’t to her disappointment. The proposal came when she least expected it.

After church one Sunday, she stayed behind as usual to say hello to people and welcome their guests. They usually hung out after church on Sundays and she thought they were going to see a movie they had both talked about. She finished with the last visitor and walked towards the rear of the auditorium to meet Tokunbo who had been waiting for her. She was about to tease him for being suited up instead of the usual traditional attire he wore to church on Sundays when he went down on one knee, it took some seconds before she realised what he was about to do. She couldn’t remember the exact words he said but she remembered the look in his eyes which revealed the love he had for her.

They got married five months after.


Tokunbo left for home earlier than usual because he had to speak to his wife and to his frustration,traffic on Third Mainland bridge was quite unusual today being Saturday. His thoughts went to his encounter with his boss and his wife earlier on. She came to the office to meet her husband because they were going out for their anniversary dinner; their 25th wedding anniversary. His boss was one of the few men he admired because he built his company from nothing despite coming from an impoverished background. The man was a hard worker and very principled too. He refused to cut corners like many people in the business did and he wore his faith on his sleeves. His wife was a plump stylish woman with lots of energy whose presence was felt whenever she visited.

She came into the office carrying roses and a big cake and announced to everyone it was their wedding anniversary. ‘I brought this cake for you people because you should be home on a Saturday and not here’ she announced as she dropped the cake on a table and went into her husband’s office.
Another reason he admired his boss was his marriage. He and his wife had a solid marriage. Despite not having kids of their own after the first 6 years of their marriage, they adopted two kids. They often teased each other and openly displayed their love for each other. He looked up to them because his parents didn’t have a happy marriage, they got divorced when he was 10.

They both came out of the office hand in hand as people congratulated them and just before they left, his boss’s last words stayed with him. ‘One of the secrets to having a happy marriage is sacrifice. You must be willing to put your spouse first, be ready to forgive no matter what. Look at us today celebrating 25 years of marital bliss’ he paused and looked at his wife who added ‘Christ should be the head of every marriage and communication is key, we talk about everything and anything.’

What was the matter with him? What type of man was he? He felt so ashamed with the way he treated Tinu since they got married. He hadn’t even given her a chance to explain. So much for being a Christian; he was sure God hadn’t been listening to his prayers. Truth be told, he hadn’t even been praying much or reading his bible since he got married.
He couldn’t wait to get home to his wife. He had forgiven her already and didn’t even want an explanation. It didn’t matter. He was going to love her as he promised the day they got married. He brought out his phone to call her, just to hear her sweet voice but her phone was switched off.
He finally got home after some hours in traffic exhausted and hungry. He didn’t see her car in the driveway as he pulled in. Maybe she went to the salon or went grocery shopping he thought to himself.

He was about to open the front door of the house when he heard his phone ring. He took a quick glance at his phone screen and saw his father in-law’s name.

‘Young man, where are you???’ the voice on the other end thundered.
‘Good afternoon…’ he replied
‘Atinuke had an accident and was rushed to the hospital.’

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From this day forward…Part3

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This was not the fairytale ending she had hoped for.

Atinuke blinked back tears as she maneuvered through the Monday morning traffic. She was exasperated with the way TJ was handling the situation. She had tried to explain to him a few times but he would have none of it. He moved into the guest room and barely spoke to her. They lived like strangers, only making polite conversations when necessary.

She had been looking forward to going back to work, she kept herself occupied with unwrapping some of their wedding presents and making thank you calls, spring cleaning the already spotless house; just anything to keep her busy. Tokunbo had resumed at work the week before, which left her all alone in the house.

She pulled into the company car park and saw her colleague’s car drive in about the same time. They parked beside each other, and both stepped out of their cars as soon as they turned off their engines. The two jolly friends embraced each other fondly.

‘Mrs Williams!!!’ Jumoke said a little too loudly.

‘Jummy!!!’ Atinuke replied in a high pitched tone.

‘Good to have you back Tinu, I sure missed you, even though I’m sure you don’t want to be here.’

‘Yes oh, I’d rather be at home with my husband.’
She hoped Jumoke didn’t hear the insincerity in her voice. ‘But it’s good to be back cos I missed you, my dearest chief bridesmaid’ Atinuke replied and gave her another hug.

‘You are glowing o’ Jumoke said as she did a double take on her outfit. Atinuke was wearing a new navy blue peplum dress to celebrate her first day of being Mrs Williams at work.

‘Thanks oh, and you are not looking bad as well. You seem to have lost weight’

‘Yes oh! Thank God somebody noticed!’ she replied and did a happy twirl. ‘See why I missed you? I started Insanity about a week ago oh, in addition to the Cambridge diet I’ve been on. It’s not easy but wetin we go do as I have to fit into a size 8 dress before my 25th birthday. You know some of us are still searching…’

Atinuke smiled and nodded as her chatty friend rambled on about counting calories, not having dinner, fitting into a UK size 8… Ever since she had known Jumoke, she had been battling with her weight. She just hoped she hadn’t given her false hopes, but she actually looked slimmer to her.

‘So how is married life?’ Jumoke asked after her weight loss preamble with a wishful expression on her face.
‘Marriage is sweet, my dear.’ Tinuke managed to reply with a forced smile. The smile that accompanied the same reply she gave anybody asked her about ‘married life.’ She often wondered what they really expected her to say.
‘So gist me, what have I missed?’ she asked as her eyes questioned Jumoke for office gossip.

‘My dear, there’s plenty gist o’ Jumoke whispered and took a quick glance sideways to see if anyone was close by as she divulged the latest gossip. ‘Kelechi finally asked Mope out, you know he has been on her case’-

‘It’s a lie!!!’ Atinuke replied with an exaggerated surprised look.

Jumoke filled her in with office gossip as they made their way into the office building.


Throughout the day, she contemplated talking to Jumoke about what was going on in her marriage but decided against it. She remembered the advice they were given during pre-marital classes about not discussing their marriage with outsiders. As they made their way to the canteen for lunch, she resisted the urge to talk to Jumoke. While they waited in line to be served, she heard someone clear his throat behind her and recognized the voice that interrupted their conversation.

‘Hi Tinu, sorry MRS WILLIAMS’ The rich baritone voice belonged to a well groomed young man who was well over 6 feet tall.

‘Hi Dimeji’ Atinuke replied as she turned to face him.

‘Good to have you back. Sorry I couldn’t come for the wedding, how is the Mr?’

She didn’t miss the tone of his voice.

‘It’s okay and MY HUSBAND is very well thank you. She turned around signifying the end of their conversation while he chatted on with Jumoke.
‘Dimeji, how was your weekend? I was at your estate last weekend and I tried to reach you-

Dimeji had been on her case from the day she joined the firm. She was single when she joined the company as a youth corper and he was an associate. She was one of the few corpers who were retained after service, to Dimeji’s relief.
He did everything to win her affection. From buying her lunch, expensive gifts, flowers, and even buying gifts for her friends as well. One day she finally told him the reason why she couldn’t date him because he wasn’t born again. He promised to start going to church and true to his words he started coming to her church. She commended him and encouraged him to keep coming but it was really obvious he did it because of her. She started dating Tokunbo not too long after and told Dimeji who stopped coming to church.

Although, he was a great guy, she couldn’t lower her standards because of him. She wondered why he was still persistent even though many ladies were throwing themselves at him. In Jumoke’s words, he was ‘every woman’s dream’. Jumoke was very much interested in him; and she did no job of hiding it.


They were been married for 3 weeks. Enough time for Tokunbo to sulk and get over it. Her futile attempts at talking to her husband was beginning to make her depressed .The only time he made any bodily contact with her her was whenever they went to church or attended events.
She called her sister to tell her she was coming over later in the evening after work; she had to talk to someone before she went crazy.


‘Auntieee Tinuuuuu’

Joshua, her 4 year old nephew shouted when he saw her and threw himself at her.

‘How’s my favourite Nephew?’ she hugged him back and gave him the new DVD she bought for him.
Sola gave her a hug which lasted longer than usual.
‘Mrs Williams you are shinning oh’ she quipped, admiring her from head to toe.
‘I thank God oh! Where is Rachel?’ she asked about her 2 year old niece when she didn’t see her anywhere.
‘She’s sleeping upstairs with her daddy.’

They talked about the kids over the next few minutes, Sola talked about her small chops business and how it was booming but complained about how difficult it was to get reliable staff. ‘How is Tokunbo?’ Sola finally asked. Atinuke bit her lower lips in an attempt to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill.

‘Tinu ki lo de*? What’s wrong? Is Tokunbo okay?’ At this, she burst into tears.

Sola, shocked at her sister’s outburst quickly gathered her into her arms and held her till her crying subsided.

Joshua who had been admiring his new DVD came to hug his aunt when he saw her crying ‘Sorry auntie Tinu’ he offered and gave her his newest toy. Tinu smiled at his innocence, if only such a simple act of kindness could solve the problem that was threatening to rip her apart.

Sola went into the kitchen to get her a glass of water as she pondered what could have caused such an outburst. After a few gulps, Atinuke opened up to Sola about what was happening in her marriage and she could see Sola’s eyes staring at her accusingly.

‘Mo de so fun e* ehn! I told you not to tell him. You don’t know men and the way they think. Anyways the deed has been done. We have to find a solution to this oh. You people cannot continue like this. Haba!’

Tinuke looked at her sister hopefully for a solution. Sola always knew what to do, she had always been the one who got them out of trouble. She was not only her big sister but truly acted as her mother sometimes.

‘Tinu, so what you are saying is that Tokunbo has not touched you since you guys got married? Sola questioned and clapped her hands three times as Atinuke confirmed her question.

‘You have to use the power of seduction oh. You see this assets God gave us’ she shook her body and put her arms under her generous bosom to demonstrate ‘they are our weapons’. She whispered.

‘I know but he doesn’t even seem interested-

‘Wait now, just listen, tomorrow make sure you cook his favorite food, go all out oh, I hope he eats your food?

‘Yes now’

‘Okay, the way to a man’s heart is truly his stomach and sex. Then change into something seductive. You know the Victoria’s Secret lingerie I gave you for your bridal shower, wear that one and I don’t see how any man in his right senses would refuse you. Most especially Tokunbo that has been sex starved.

Atinuke left her sister’s house with a glimmer of hope.


Tokunbo walked into the inviting aroma in his house. He recognized the soup she had made, Afang soup, his favourite. He couldn’t believe he had become the type of man that chose to work on Saturdays just to avoid his wife. This was not the type of marriage he had dreamt of or the type of husband he was going to be. He wanted to forgive his wife and forget whatever had happened in the past but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t trust her; what else had she been hiding from him. He wasn’t even sure he knew who she was. He wanted to hold Tinuke in his arms each time he saw her, tell her everything would be okay, kiss away her tears and be the man he promised to be on their wedding day but something held him back.

‘Hi TJ, how was work?’ Tinuke walked towards him and collected his briefcase and suit. He noticed there was something different about her today.

She was wearing a green dress he bought for her for her 24th birthday and she wore make up. He wanted to gather her into his arms.
He mumbled ‘fine’ and watched as she returned to table, which she had prepared for two. They never ate together; she ate at the dinning, while he ate in the guest room, which had become his room or in the sitting room. Why she wanted to eat together today, he wondered. It wasn’t like today was his birthday or hers. He humored her and sat at the table. He stole glances at her as she dished the food while pretending to be reading a message on his phone. Memories of when they were courting came back to him; Tinu would make a big bowl of Afang soup filled with all sort of assorted meat for him which he froze up and ate for the week.

They ate in silence except for the occasional sounds he made chewing stock fish or gobbling down water. He caught her staring at him a few times and gave her an awkward smile in return. He finished his meal, thanked her and began clearing the table when he felt her hand on his shoulder. He recoiled from her touch.

‘TJ, please can we talk?’ he saw the pleading look in her eyes. Those eyes he used to gaze into and feel lost.

‘Tinu, please I’m tired, I had a long day at work’ his reply came out a bit too harsh, harsher than he intended. He did the dishes and went into his room to settle for a nap. What sort of man was he? Their vows were for better or worse. This wasn’t fair at all. He had kept himself for marriage and expected Tinu to do the same too. A knock on the door interrupted his musings. What did she want again? He hauled himself up from the bed and walked towards the door.

‘Tinu, I’m tired, I made that clear. What do you-

He opened the door and was stunned at what he saw.

Tinu ki lo de*?- Tinu, what’s wrong?
Mo de so fun e*- I warned you

From this day forward…Part 2

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Tokunbo stormed out of the room as she tried to explain.

She knew she had hurt him deeply. She wanted to tell him at first when they started dating but he had assumed she was a virgin like everyone else who saw her as the innocent Reverend’s daughter. She had spoken to her sister about her decision to tell Tokunbo when their relationship was getting more serious and she remembered her sister’s reaction.

‘You want to tell him WHAT???’

Sola shouted in disbelief.

‘Yes you heard me; I want to tell TJ about the incidence cos he believes I’m a virgin. I feel horrible for lying to him and –

‘My little NAIVE sister, you CANNOT tell him oh. For what now??? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Shey you guys have decided not to have sex till you get married. That’s good enough already and I commend you both, going by the things I see these days.’

She had taken her sister’s advice. Really what was the point in telling him about something that happened when she was thirteen? Something nobody talked about in the family. How would she tell him she was raped by a fellow pastor’s son when she went to spend her summer holidays with them in Jos. The images from that horrible afternoon came flashing back. Memories that she had long buried and had gathered dust in the deepest part of her soul.

Her sister and brother had gone out with the pastor and his wife and they left her at home because she was sleeping. Unknown to her, their seventeen year old son, David didn’t go with them. She thought she heard a knock on the room door and asked him to come in. David came in to the room and asked her if she was okay, told her everyone else had gone out but he didn’t go with them because he had a headache. She noticed he acted funny as he spoke but didn’t read much meaning into it. She expected him to leave the room after talking to her but he lingered on and sat at the edge of the bed.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ he asked

Of course she didn’t. Why would she have a boyfriend at her age? Her mother would just chop off her head. He went on to brag about how he had several girlfriends and they all liked him. She got bored and was hoping he would leave but then he reached up to her and brushed his fingers against her cheeks.

‘I really like you Tinuke.’

Alarm bells went off in her head because of the way he said it and the look in his eyes. She immediately told him she was going to the kitchen to get water. She had barely made it out of the bed when he pinned her down and raped her. She had begged him in the name of God, fought him with all the strength she had and screamed at the top of her lungs.

She shuddered at the memory. She remembered feeling so dirty after and scrubbing her body with hot water to rid her body of his smell. She had locked herself up in the bathroom afterwards and cried till there were no more tears to shed. Her sister came back to find her on the floor in the bathroom and asked her what was wrong; Sola responded with a heart wrenching cry and stormed out of the bathroom to tell David’s parents. Tinuke later found out that David’s mother had abused her and called her all sort of names like Jezebel and Delilah. The following day, Sola gathered Tinuke and their younger brother, Ife and boarded a bus back to Lagos.

When their parents learnt what happened, they called the Jaiyeolas but they didn’t answer their phone calls. They never heard from them after that. Her mother took her to a hospital for pregnancy test and HIV test and to everyone’s relieve they were negative. Her parents warned them never to tell anyone and pretend it never happened. They never spoke about it. Even when they knew it was the reason why Atinuke became withdrawn and didn’t socialize with anyone and her grades started dropping.


Tokunbo couldn’t believe what his wife just said.

He couldn’t stay in the same room with her. He found his way to his black Honda Accord parked in the car park. The ‘Newlyweds’ sticker that covered the car’s plate number was still there. He yanked it off and cut it into shreds. He yanked off the ribbons that had been used to decorate the car and kicked at the tyre. The pain he felt stopped him from kicking further as he realized he had left the room without his shoes. His appearance was the last thing on his mind as he stormed out of the room. He was only wearing a vest; thankfully he hadn’t forgotten to put on his trousers.

He sat in the driver’s seat with his head on the steering. Tinuke wasn’t a virgin; she had lied to him. He remembered her clearly saying he was the only man she had dated. Clearly he wasn’t! He spat out of the window. Only God knew how many men she had slept with. His thoughts traveled to the first time he saw her.

He had just moved to Lagos from Abuja after changing jobs. He was looking for a new church to worship and had tried New Covenant Baptist church on the recommendation of his friend. That was the first time he set his eyes on her; she led the choir in an angelic voice and he was hooked. He later decided to make New Covenant Baptist Church his church because enjoyed the sermon and he definitely wanted to hear more of that voice. He later learned that she was the Reverend’s daughter.

The vibration of his phone interrupted his thoughts. He glanced at the screen, saw Atinuke’s picture, hissed and put the phone down.


Tokunbo didn’t return to the room till the early hours of morning. His worried wife had slept off after trying to reach him but to no avail. He stormed into the room without even saying hello and told her they were checking out of the hotel today. Atinuke mumbled okay in reply even though she thought he had booked it for 3 nights.

The journey to church was uncomfortably quiet. He didn’t even say a word to her. She changed her profile picture on BBM to a picture of both of them someone had taken yesterday. The comments flooded in immediately:

‘awwww, you guys look lovely’
‘Congratulations Mrs Williams’
‘You look so beautiful Tinu’
‘How was your wedding night? *wink*’
‘Honeymoon things’

She smiled despite the reality, if only they knew what was happening. They got to church just in time. Tinuke was shocked as Tokunbo reached for her hand as they walked into church. Of course he had to put up a show for everyone. They only just got married yesterday for goodness sake. They were greeted cheerfully by everyone, someone even said she was glowing; maybe she was glowing from betrayal, she wanted to laugh out aloud.

The sermon her dad preached was on forgiveness, it was so apt for their situation and she prayed that Tokunbo would forgive her for lying to him.

‘Dear brothers and sisters, you have to forgive whoever has offended you. Jesus told Peter, he should forgive seventy times seven times. I don’t think anybody can offend you that much in a day. Please forgive, if you want your prayers to be answered by God and also want to make it to heaven. Remember, God forgave you for all your sins…’

She was glad when the service came to an end because she was tired of pretending, her cheeks hurt from smiling too much.

From this day forward… Part 1

Tokunbo planted a kiss on his wife’s lips and swept her up into his arms just before they entered the hotel lobby.

His wife.

Mrs Atinuke Williams.

They had waited for two years, three months and twenty two days for this day: To become husband and wife.

They had both decided to abstain from sex till they got married in line with the scriptures. A decision which didn’t pose as a challenge at first, but as their relationship progressed, it became increasingly difficult, especially after they got engaged. They both took courage from the bible verse in Hebrews 13:4 – ‘Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled’. They kept themselves by adhering to some strict boundaries.

The hotel staff smiled at the new couple and wished them congratulatory messages after handing them the electronic keycard to their honeymoon suite.

Earlier In the day, they had been joined in holy matrimony in a very small ceremony in the presence of family and friends. Tokunbo was transfixed the moment he set his eyes on Atinuke as she walked down the aisle with her father. He had never seen her look so beautiful. Tears had welled up in his eyes as he recited the words that came from his heart:

‘My dearest Atinuke, my heartbeat, soul mate and best friend. I bless God for that beautiful day He brought you into my life. I promise you today in the presence of God Almighty and everyone gathered here to love you with all that I am and all that I have. To hold your hands as we go through life together and never leave you. To lead as God intends, to be faithful to you and be a shoulder for you to lean on when the going gets tough. I promise to love you from this day onwards till death parts us’

Tears flowed down Atinuke’s cheeks as she said her vows:

‘Tokunbo Jolayemi Williams, my TJ, I pledge to you this day my love and fidelity for you. I promise to be a helpmate for you, to honour you and care for you. I vow to submit to you as the head of our home as Christ is the head of the church. I look forward to growing old with you my darling TJ, to have kids with you and a home filled with joy and laughter.

They had a small reception in a 5 star restaurant afterwards. They had opted to have a small wedding, much to the resistance and disappointment of their families instead of the usual Nigerian carnival-style weddings.

Tokunbo’s heart raced to match the excitement flowing through his body. He was finally going to see all those curves that her clothes had hidden so well. He inserted the keycard into the key slot and the light didn’t turn green. He did it again but it remained red.

‘TJ, calm down’ his wife teased as she took the card from his hands and inserted it in. He had obviously inserted it the wrong way. The green light ushered them into a ‘cosy romantic haven’ as described on the hotel’s website. Atinuke could now see why it was so expensive. She had argued about it being too exorbitant when Tokunbo told her the price and had suggested they booked somewhere cheaper. It’s not like there was a rule which says newlyweds had to stay in honeymoon suite. But Tokunbo had insisted on booking the room because he wanted their wedding night to be very memorable.

Tokunbo placed his wife delicately on the cosy bed and immediately stooped to take off his socks and shoes. Who knew taking off socks and shoes could take so long.

‘TJ, I need to use the toilet’

‘Really? Or is someone shy?’ he teased and leaned to give her a kiss.

‘TJ I’m serious jor, after all that wine we drank at the wedding’ she got up and walked towards the bathroom.

‘Sha make it fast cos this man can’t wait’ he replied impatiently as his eyes travelled the length of her body and lingered on her feminine curves.

After what seemed like eternity, Atinuke stepped out of the bathroom and Tokunbo winked as he mouthed ’finally’.

He deposited tender kisses on his lips, eyes, and nose and finally on her lips again. He felt her stiffen.

‘I’ll be gentle, Tinu.’ He kissed her neck and his lips began to travel down her body-

‘Tokunbo, I’m… I’m not a virgin’ Atinuke whispered.

Tokunbo continued to plant kisses all over her body, he was too engrossed in the moment.

‘Did you hear me?’

He stopped.

He felt a wave of cold water all over his body as he registered what he just heard. He pushed his body from her and sank to his knees at the foot of the bed. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. It had to be a joke; they had talked about this before.

Tinu was a virgin.

The look on her face told him otherwise.

‘Tokunbo, I’m soooo sorry’

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