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Adieu 2014!!

Hello people!

I can’t believe in a few hours we’ll be shouting Happy New Year. I still remember this time last year vividly. My dad took my siblings and I to Olumo rock because we had never been there in all our years of going to Iperu ( I’m from Iperu in Ogun state.)

I remember how we had to run from an angry horse that was running around, my sister was so scared, she was ready jump on top of the car lol.

I remember all the climbing we did that day that revealed how unfit I was, I also remember all the pictures we took and a girl that kept following us and appeared in almost all our pictures ( it’s called photo bombing right?)

My point is 2014 went by really fast… for me it was a year of learning to trust God better, a year of self discovery and more appreciation for the special people in my life.

Before we get ushered into 2015, I’d like to do my own version of the gratitude challenge. I’ll list 10 things I’m grateful to God for in 2014 and I’m tagging everyone who reads this post, so please list your own 10 things in the comment section 🙂

I’m grateful for:

1. Life; The miracle of sleeping and waking up every day of 2014. With all the death scares this year: boko haram, ebola, accidents, disappearing planes etc

2. My family; I thank God for keeping us throughout 2014, for his protection over us, for peace and happiness in our home.

3. Salvation; I thank God for the privilege of knowing Him and keeping me in the faith. I can’t imagine my life without God.

4. My friends; I have really amazing friends that I’m really grateful for. Like the saying goes- friends are the family we choose.

5. Good health; I didn’t have to go to the hospital because I was sick. Sometimes, it’s easy to take sound health for granted. I went to a centre for blind people earlier this month and for the first time I saw writing in Braille; it just made me really thankful to God for my eyes.

6. My new job. I shared my testimony on this blog.

7. The exams I wrote and passed this year. God knows how much I hate exams.

8. Healing my broken heart; I started 2014 with a broken heart (story for another day!). I kept wondering if I would ever get over it and move on because I cried my eyes out. I’m grateful that I have and indeed God healed my broken heart just as He said in Psalm 147:3.

9. Feyi’s Diary and my blog family. One of my goals this year was to have a blog that I could use to connect with people and have a certain number of posts by the end of the year and I’m grateful God helped me achieve that.(Even though I’ve slacked in the past few months). I’m grateful for my blog family- readers and fellow bloggers.

10. Answered prayers; God has answered so many of my prayers this year, even the prayers that were so ‘minor.’ I’m sure God must have a sense of humour because I’ve gotten answers to some ‘funny’ prayers.

What are you grateful for?

P.S: I apologise for being AWOL for way too long (you are probably tired of my excuses my now). I regret leaving my blog for too long because it’s been a bit difficult to get back into blogging.

Thanks to everyone who checked up on me, I’m back now thank God and I’ll continue with Through the Waters.

Watch this space!

I wish you a glorious 2015! A year of divine favour, abundance and grace!

Lots of love xoxo

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Taking a short break.

Hi blog family,

How are you? How’s your week going?

I’m going to be MIA for the next couple of weeks because I’m working on my new story- Through the Waters.

So please check back or subscribe so you can get an update when it starts.

In the meantime, you can read some of my old stories:

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Have an exciting weekend and I’ll leave you with my bestest song in the whole wide world:

Who are your favourite authors?

Hi people,

Happy New Month!!!

I can’t believe its July 1st already!! I pray the second half of the year would be greater than the first half. All your expectations, desires and prayer requests will be granted in Jesus’ name.

I want to know who your favourite authors are/ what sort of books you read so I can have an idea of my blog readers.

I’ll go first. In no particular order, my favourite authors are:

Francine Rivers
Jodi Picoult
Frank Peretti
Karen Kingsbury
Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
John Grisham (a new addition to my list).

So who are your favourite authors? I want to hear from you (silent readers, I see you guys! )

I love this song, please listen to it and be blessed.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Happy birthday to me!!

Hi guys,

Today is my birthday!!! I know this post is really late but I had put it up before midnight.

I just loooove it whenever it’s my birthday! All the loooooove.

Here are some pictures I took today :










Liebster and Sunshine Awards

Hi guys,

I was given the Liebster and Sunshine Awards by Itunu of Glowing Scenes.
Here goes:

Sunshine Award.

10 pieces of information about me.

• I’m a Christian. I love God and I want to live my life pleasing him. I’m so grateful for the privilege of knowing God (Yes, it is a privilege) and I can’t imagine my life without God. I’m grateful for the cross. I encourage you to surrender your life to Jesus Christ and make Him your saviour if you haven’t.

• I’m directionally- challenged. It’s really embarrassing. I can go to a place twice and still miss my way the third time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken the wrong turn and driven round in circles.

• I can wiggle my ears. How cool is that? Lol I read somewhere that about 10-20% of the human population can do this; I’m special, I know. So when next you see me, ask me to wiggle my ears.

• I’ve never eaten sushi.

• I’m a hopeless romantic. My friends say I’m in love with love. Future hubby please take note!

• I love hymns. I think they are so deep. I look forward to singing hymns in church. A few of my favourite hymns are In Christ Alone, What a friend we have in Jesus, Great is thy faithfulness.

• Cockroaches FREAK me out. I’m soo scared of those ugly disgusting creatures that I find it terrifying to even sweep a dead cockroach, let alone kill one. In boarding school, I had to wake up my friend whose bed was beside mine to accompany me each time I had to use the toilet at night because of cockroaches.

• I looooove ice cream!!! I know it’s bad for my waistline but life is too short.

• I over think a lot and I know it’s not good because it just makes me worry unnecessarily. It’s a habit/bad behaviour I’m tryng to stop.

• I looove taking pictures.

Liebster award

What is the purpose of your blog?
A platform for me to express myself( all the stuff going on in my head) and develop my writing skills. A medium for me to reach out to many wonderful people and put smiles on their faces.

What is your most prized possession?
My Bible. God’s Word guides, instructs, comforts, inspires, calms me. My second prized possession is my phone!

What do you love about Itunu’s blog (Glowing Scenes)?
I stumbled on Glowing Scenes on The Nigerian Blog Award Nomination list and I’ve been hooked since then. I feel like we have a lot in common ( love for God, Francine Rivers etc). Her commitment to blogging inspires me, at the moment she has about two series going on!! I also love the layout of her blog; it’s so attractive and girly. You should check it out.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
For some reason, I find this question difficult to answer; I hope to be happily married with kids, have a fulfilling career, published a novel… the list goes on. Whatever happens, I’m reassured by God’s promise in Jer 29: 11- For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.

Who’s your role model in and out of blogville?
In blogville, I would say Temi’s blog- Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict, was an inspiration for me to start blogging.
My role models are-
My mum.
Dr Ben Carson -I read Gifted Hands as a teenager and it changed my life.
Proverbs 31 woman.
Francine Rivers. Her books are so deep; I hope I can write like her someday.

If you have the opportunity to meet just one person in the world, who would that be?
Francine Rivers.

What’s the favourite post you have written? (With the link)
I can’t speak Yoruba. It’s the first story I wrote on this blog and generated the most comments so far. I can’t speak Yoruba.

What’s your ultimate goal in life?
To be whom God wants me to be. I know He created me for a purpose and I want to fulfill it.

Which human has the largest part of your life right now?
Ermmmm, can I skip this question?

Thanks for the nomination Itunu!! Sorry it took a while for me to respond. I want to pass this on to:

Dr N of

Lizzie of

Ebunoluwa of

Have a great week guys!

Wardrobe Malfunction

Hi guys,

How are you? How was your Easter? What did you get up to?

I want to share a wardrobe malfunction I had not too long ago.

On that beautiful day, I decided to wear a navy blue fitted dress which was a bit too clingy. I heard that voice in my head telling me not to wear it but I rebelled and decided to wear it because I got compliments each time I wore it. I had worn it to work on 2 previous occasions.

I was serving (compulsory one year national youth service for Nigerian graduates) in a secondary school. I was finally enjoying my job after I was made a class teacher and given more responsibilities. I can like to feel like an efico sometimes sha. Prior to my new role, there were days I went to work and did nothing.

Anyways, as a class teacher, I had to prepare my class for their assembly presentation and we had a little playlet. So it was a busy week for me, trying to organize 22 Year7 students for the assembly.

I got a few comments about my dress and I was feeling fly sha, even though I had to pull it down occasionally because it went above my knees as I walked. During the course of the day, as I walked past a Year 11 class where some of the students gathered in front of their class, I heard some snickers and laughter. I ignored them because those students were sometimes mischievous and thought it was fun to tease youth corpers.

I made my way past them and then headed downstairs towards the primary school section because I needed to borrow some stuff from their Art room for my class assembly. I met a female teacher on my way and our convo went like this:

Me: Good morning ma.

Female Teacher: Good morning.

I take some steps in front of her, cat walking in my dress.

Female teacher: Feyi, check the back of your dress.


I just stood there frozen because I knew it was bad from the tone of her voice. I take a quick glance at the back of my dress.


It had loosened right at my backside bum

I was sooo embarrassed. You should have seen me. What made it worse was I was walking with a fellow male corper. I think he started laughing because it was so funny. Luckily for me, I was wearing a dark coloured underwear; thank God I was wearing some lacy pink underwear.

With my deflated pride shakara, and with the help of another female corper, I got a pashmina from a female teacher and tied it round my waist as fashionable as possible. Trust me, I didn’t leave my sit that day except during lunch and I felt so self-conscious. I’m sure some people were wondering why I had a pashmina round my waist and some probably concluded I was stained.

You can imagine my relief when school ended that day and that was the last time I wore that dress, I handed it over to my sister.

Moral of the story: Don’t ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit, even over mundane things .Don’t feel too fly with yourself lol.

I’m sure we’ve experienced wardrobe malfunctions, please share your experiences and let’s have a good laugh.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Happy Mother’s Day

‘A wife of noble character, who can find? She is worth more than rubies…Her children arise and call her blessed…Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.’
Proverbs 31 (NIV)

‘God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.’
Yiddish Proverb

‘Motherhood: all love begins and ends there.’
Robert Browning.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in the world!!!

Below is a compilation of write ups in appreciation of mothers:

Mrs Omotayo Oluwole aka Iya Lara

Firstly I need to get this out…my mum is a complete and total comedian. She cracks me up every time except times when she is yelling at me or we are fighting which is usually settled by crying together and apologising. I know everyone says their mothers are amazing which is very true but my mum is different.

Iya Lara is different.

She is the cool mum who loves to tell people she is my elder sister simply because she has “soji-mummy” figure. Iya lara dey listen wella to us, as in she dey seek advice from us even for the most trivial things which makes me appreciate the fact that she is very open minded person. She does not mind being corrected when she falls out of line; which are moments I really enjoy because the table has been turned. My mum does not discriminate, she has all kinds of people she relates to and gives them equal respect (You should see her phone contacts…different categories). However, above all the listening and humble traits she possess, she stands out in one…she is a good partner to my father, the way the bible defined the word help meet is who she is. And she makes us sing this:

“Who sat and watched my infant head
when sleeping on my cradle bed
and tear of sweet affection shed?
my mother”
As much as I love this song and would sing it willingly for Iya Lara, she forcefully makes us sing it on our knees anytime she does something nice for us… and yes till date.

Iya Lara, I just want to say that I love you and appreciate your presence and support in my life. May God continue to keep you for me.
Its me,
The first occupant in you

Funmi's mum

She’s been awake since 4:30am, of course I heard her gently tip toe about not wanting to wake everyone up as she goes about her business (making her famous jollof rice and stew) and as usual I lazed on my bed drifting in a state of half asleep. OKAY!! I didn’t know it was that early until later on as I am naturally lazy and grumpy in the morning!!! ( Free me y’all)

Anyway as I listened to her go about her business, I had a flashback on my growing up days and I couldn’t help remembering all the sacrifices she made (I can’t begin to re-count), the extra job she had had to take under the harsh African sun just to give her beautiful children the best.

Life with her wasn’t all rosy, there were days when she would scold me and I would wonder if she indeed gave birth to me, but then again if I had to choose whom my I want as a mother she’ll always be my first and only choice. Won’t you say the same of your mum?!

Iya ni wura iyebiye ti a ko le f’owo raa

God bless our mothers.

Tolulope Idowu

I cannot say my family is a perfect family but I ‘m so glad I’m a part of it. I have two mothers but I’m not a product of surrogacy. Reflecting on how far I’ve gone in life, I cannot but give kudos to the women in my life.

For the first thirteen years of my life, I lived with my first mother- My biological mother; indeed she nurtured me from day one till a month before my thirteenth birthday. She groomed me in life. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth; In fact, I am complete *paki* as we fondly call it. Through sickness and health, through family hardships she was always there. She made sure we had our fill and would even tell us she wasn’t hungry just so that we can be fully satisfied. Back then, I knew her to be a woman of prayer.

My second mother is just awesome. For over ten years of my life, I’ve been in her care. If there’s one thing I’ve held on to from the life of my second mother, it’s the place of God. Even though, some years back in my life, my two mothers almost lost me. They were so scared and I could see it in their eyes but still God kept me. I can vividly remember the day I gained admission to university, they were so happy. It was hard sending me to school but I am a graduate now. All thanks to my second mother. I can also remember how happy she was when my final result was released in school. She kept on dancing and singing even more than I did as if the result was hers.

My first mother would always tell me that when I was young, I could poo from my standing point to 20cm….I would just laugh it off because I could not just reason out the possibility. Sometimes, you know mothers have to shed tears. I think women are just programmed that way. To shed tears to ease the burdens in their hearts. Few times, I’ve seen my mothers cry and right there and then, in my heart, I promised myself to give them a better life and pray to God to help me in life and preserve the lives of my mothers so that they can reap the fruits of their labour.
You’re far more above rubies. You’re both simply the definition of the virtuous woman when your lives are checked out. You’ll definitely live long and may your old days be filled with laughter.

Toluwalopemi….as they both fondly call me when they are overwhelmed with God ‘s goodness in my life and I soberly reflect on issues in my life too and indeed….all my thanks are just to God just as my name implies for having them in my life. If I could turn back the hands of the clock and come back to this world again, I’ll pray to have the same set of mothers but with a more comfortable life.

Happy Mother’s day…….Love you *mums *

Preye Lolo- My Super-Dupper Mummy
Mumilistic as I fondly call her, I still cannot figure out the right adjective to use in qualifying a gem like her. She reminds me everyday of the virtuous woman in proverb 31, her patience and hardwork keeps me wondering if there is any like her in the whole wide world.
Mummy is simply the best; her compassion for people cannot be compared to any I have seen before. I call her MRS CHARITY for that because she’s always striving to satisfy and please others at her own detriment.

Her love for her children is like no other, a woman that can and is ever ready and willing to lay down her very life for her children.
I remember growing up was a bit difficult as I wasn’t born with a silver spoon; she made sure what ever my peers had I had too.
I still recall her selling along Festac road in Lagos and how she always got lovely things for my siblings and I on her way from the market. “Mummy oyoyo” we would scream out as soon as we saw her coming back.

Oh how I still remember all her advices and warnings that moulded me to be the woman I am today. She was and still is daddy’s special adviser on all affairs and matters. She is the definition of a modest and Godly woman.
In the kitchen, she is simply superb, her expertise has made cooking magical, little wonder daddy will always return back home after a hard days job to an incredible delicacy specially prepared by his darling wifey.

She may not have gone to the best schools in the world, got the best degrees and certificates, but I consider her the most intelligent and wisest woman in the world.

Her name “TARE” which means “LOVE” when translated in English Language was not given to her coincidentally, mummy is indeed love personified.
In summary if I ever have the opportunity of coming to this world even a thousand I would wish and pray I come through this very inestimable, priceless and beautiful woman, don’t blame me people am just being expressional here, lolz…….. ok!!

I love you so much mom, you are and will always remain my super-duper mummy and infact the best mother in the whole wide world.

Nua oh!
Mbana oh!
Doh oh!
Ebi yei!!

Theresa Agbo- My mother

How do I even begin to describe what this amazing woman has done for me? She has instilled values in me, every woman should have. Despite all the hardships she has faced, she has showed undeniable resilience. A value that I have been able to use during every stage of my life.

Mother. She has showed me what it means to be a woman. Now you may think I mean things like cooking and cleaning lol. I do not mean that at all. She has always stressed the importance of education, not just for myself, but for those I choose to surround myself with.

Mother. I love this woman because she not only taught me my deeply rooted values, but she has schooled me on the more superficial things like the need for shape wear under dresses lol.


I love that woman

Olumide Akintunde
Dear Mother,

It is with a great sense joy and happiness that I write to you and about how loving and caring you are. I still wonder why just one day in 365 (366) days would be set aside to acknowledge and celebrate a treasure like you. Just like, I would never understand the deal on February 14. Nonetheless, I worry less about the single day because I know nothing can restrain my right to celebrate you always. You have been a source of strength to me and you inspire me. You seem to know when I feel hurt and you step in. You have taught me how to love and forgive. You have taught me contentment, helping me know that godliness with contentment is great gain.

I am eternally grateful to you for handing me the bible at a very tender age. On those cold nights, I found comfort and warmth reading the bible. Wolves in sheep clothing have come at different times wanting to steal me away, but the bible and the word in it kept me on the right path. I always feared leaving home. Of all your children, I am the most introverted. Then one day, I woke and found myself from away from home, far away from comfort, alone all by myself at the age of 13. I became responsible for my actions, my inactions and myself. Ever since then, I have grown to be an admirable young man and as a bachelor, I still feel your love on a daily basis. Few days ago, you still sent me fried stew and other packages (smiles) like I am still that little boy in the hostel.

Orisha bi Iya ko si L’aye!
I love you Mother. Happy Mother Day!!!

Taiwo Gisanrin-My Mother

There are so many LOVELY things I could say about my wonderful Mother. What’s written below is just a pinch of Salt about My BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING Mother.

My mother is a woman full of wisdom. I always admire her ability to come up with the right solution to situations. She is a WISE woman who gives wise counsel. She always knows the RIGHT and CORRECT advice to give to me and all her loved ones.

One of my siblings once said “it’s better to listen to Mummy’s advice because mummy as a funny way of being RIGHT. Lol
Her words of Wisdom are priceless. She knows just how to encourage me when I’m down. She just always knows the right things to say.

She is a very gentle person and she is not one to argue. I always admire the way she deals with situations. She is always cool and calm and believes that things will work out in the end. They always do. Lol

My mother is God fearing. My mother is not just a Hearer of the word but indeed a Doer of the word. She acts out the word of God in her everyday life.

She is generous, kind, selfless and puts others before her. There are times when I’m like “MUMMY HONESTLY YOU NEED TO JUST PUT YOURSELF FIRST.” But she doesn’t listen to me as she believes she was born to serve.

My mother is also very caring. Even at this age she will still insist on making my dinner or offer to pick me up from the station whenever I finish late from work.

Finally she is a GREAT cook. I aspire to be as good as her before I leave for my HUBBYS house in the future. Lol.


Happy Mothers day to ALL Mothers out there.

Mothers are AMAZING.

Feyi-Happy Mother’s day to my biggest fan.

Happy mother’s Day to you Mrs I (as I fondly call her, I for Idowu).

You are:

-my role model- I admire your love for God, kindness and generosity. You’ve shown me what it means to be a submissive wife, a quality I greatly admire. I know being a successful career woman and bringing up 4 kids is not an easy feat, but you’ve managed to do so so well.

-my biggest fan – my mum reads all my posts; she makes comments like ‘have you released today’s story?, ‘can I submit a story?’ and she even goes ahead to comment. I know you will read this soon 🙂

-my close friend. My mum and I are paddies. You should hear us gisting, you would think I’m having a conversation with one of my friends. We have the randomest convos lol. If you are my friend, just know my mum knows your name and so much more!

I pray God satisfies you with long life so you can see your children’s children.

I love you,
Miss I

And finally, a post from a mother:

Monisola Adio- Motherhood

Motherhood made me someone’s mum…:)

Motherhood made me a better person – I no longer think about myself alone, now I get to think about my child too and do what is best for her – safeguarding, and guiding her as God helps me to; teaching her about God, about life, and helping with her schoolwork.

Motherhood made me a blessed person: “Children are the Lord’s heritage and the fruit of the womb is His reward” (Psalms 127:3).

Motherhood made me patient – I no longer have a short fuse, flying off the handle at every given opportunity – now I am a better listener – listening daily to my child’s needs, worries and concerns so I can offer advice and give godly counsel by the Grace of God.

Motherhood gave me my very own protégé for life:

-someone looks up to me and follows in my footsteps, which also makes me a responsible and godly mentor;
-someone I can disciple and teach in the ways of God;
-someone I can teach how to fast, pray and trust God in faith;
-someone I can teach how to study and meditate on God’s Word;
-someone I can teach to prepare for the second coming of Christ.

Motherhood made me role model: now someone is looking up to me. Now I watch what I say and how I behave. I have to maintain a good attitude and mood around my child since I want her to be a happy, grateful, peaceful child and not a grumpy one!

Motherhood placed me in the ministry: I minister to my child each time I pray for her, each time I counsel her and pray with her for her academics or a concern she has.
Thank You Lord Jesus for counting me worthy and entrusting me with this special ministry!!!

We all know this post won’t be complete without this classic hit!!!