Through The Waters -Final

Sope woke up with a terrible headache. It felt like someone was literally driving nails through her head. After she got back from Yinka’s’s house yesterday, she had spent the rest of the day crying her eyes out.

How did she go from loving and serving God to ending up pregnant out of wedlock? She bought two more pregnancy tests yesterday just to be sure she was indeed pregnant.

She wondered what God would think of her now.

She had claimed to love God, which was easy for her because she grew up in a Christian family and life had been rosy. The minute she had a setback, she rebelled against God.

She blamed God for allowing her mum die and she hated Him for that. Her mum had loved God and served God faithfully and yet God had allowed her to die. She had questioned the verse in the bible where God promised to satisfy His children with long life.

She couldn’t remember the last time she read her bible. She just wasn’t interested. But she couldn’t deny there was a huge vacuum in her life when she turned her back against God. She focused her love and devotion on Yinka.

She sniffed hard and wiped her cheeks with the back of her hands. She had to break to news to someone. Dolapo? Her friendship with Dolapo was no longer existent because she kept pushing her away.

She heard the sound of her dad’s car pulling out of the driveway. She glanced at the wall clock, it was 7:30am, he was on his way to church. She couldn’t remember the last time she went to her former church.

Of course, she liked Yinka’s church because she felt comfortable there. Nobody preached about sin, about repentance, about eternity. It was always about prosperity, faith, healing and success. She would go to church after spending the previous night in Yinka’s house and not feel guilty. She shut her eyes.

“My daughter, I love you. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you.”

“Why did you take my mother away God. Why?”

“Sope, I promised that WHEN you pass through deep waters, I would be with you. WHEN you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. WHEN you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up.’’

“But God, this water drowned me! It did.’’

“Sope, I called out to you several times. My Spirit was ready to comfort you but you refused. I sent my servants to you Sope. I sent Dolapo, your dad, Gbenga and Bode.’’

At the sound of Bode’s name she cried even harder. She began to shake uncontrollably.

“What did I do to Bode? Bode was good to me. He was always there.’’

“You broke my son’s heart Sope. He sent petitions up to me for your sake everyday but I couldn’t force you. That’s one privilege you humans have -freewill.’’

“God, will he take me back? I’m ready to repent. I’m coming back home Lord.’’

You are welcome home my child, We have longed for this day. I heard all the petitions made on your behalf. I have loved you with an everlasting love Mosope Lawal.’’

“I want Bode back.”

“It’s too late my child.”

“Nooooo! God please.”

“My child, sin has consequences.’’

“Please Lord! Please.’’

“Have no doubt, I have forgiven you. My son paid the price for that several years ago. But Bode belongs to another daughter of mine now. Just serve me faithfully and at the right time, I’ll bring someone else.’’

Sope woke up. It had been a dream but it seemed so real. She must have dozed off briefly. She moved her head gently and realised her pillow was wet. She had been crying.

She knew what she had to do.


“Is there anyone sitting in the congregation, who wants to be part of God’s family? There’s someone here today who like the prodigal son, has wandered far away from the father’s love. God wants me to tell you to come back home. Come home son, come home daughter, before it is too late.” The pastor said as he ended the sermon.

The choir sang:

“I surrender all (2x)

All to my blessed saviour

I surrender all.”

Sope rose from her seat and walked towards the altar with tears streaming down her face. As she walked to the altar, she felt lighter, all the anger she had bottled up against God evaporated. She knelt at the altar and raised her hands to her maker in deep surrender.

Tunji couldn’t help the tears that flowed freely down his cheeks when he saw his daughter at the altar on her knees. He tapped Abimbola, whose eyes were shut in prayers and nudged her to look at the altar. She placed her hand in his and they both prayed for his daughter.

Bode was shocked when he saw Sope walk into the service just before the sermon started. Their eyes met as she walked past him and he recognised that look on her face. She had been crying. He hadn’t seen her in over a year. When she walked towards the altar during the altar call, he started thanking God.

Thanking God she was back home.


5 months later.

“Daaaaad, Gbenga is here.’’Sope called.

She heard an inaudible response from her father’s room.

“You don’t want to be late for your own wedding!’’

With a curling iron in one hand, she went down the stairs and opened the front door for Gbenga.

“Oh my! What a dashing best man!’’

Gbenga grinned. “Thanks sissy.’’ He replied and hugged her. I thought you spent yesterday in the salon, what are you still curling again?’’

“Just some lose hair strands jare.” They both walked into the living room.

“How are you Sope?” Gbenga asked and glanced at her stomach.

“I’m fine Gbenga.”

“You sure?”

“Yes I am. I’m just a bit emotional that I just spent my last nigjt in this house. Her gaze swept round the living room. “I have so many memories here.”

“Aww come here.” Gbenga said and opened his arms.

They stayed together for a while before Gbenga spoke. “Are you sure you want to move out? We can sublet the house you know.”

“I’m sure Gbenga. I’m a big girl. Besides, dad and aunty Abi need their privacy as newlyweds.”

“True. If its any consolation, you are closer to us. You can always stop by for dinner. Onyi and Debby would be glad to have you.”

“You know I’ll take you up on that offer! You know how much I hate cooking.”

“Gbenga, I need to finish my hair. I’ll be down in a bit.”

“Sha hurry up.” Gbenga replied. “Daaaaaad! Let’s go oh.

“Why don’t you check up on him? Maybe he needs some help.” Sope suggested.


Gbenga knocked gently on the door of his father’s room.

“Yes come in.” Tunji replied.

He walked in and found his dad staring out the window.

“Dad, are you ready?”

Tunji turned to face his son with moist eyes.

Gbenga was at his father’s side immediately. “Are you okay dad?”

Tunji sniffed and wiped his eyes, slightly embarrassed his son saw him crying. “I’m okay son…I just didn’t think I would be doing this again the second time.”

“Awww dad, I’m sure mum is smiling down from heaven.” He adjusted his dad’s tie.

“I’m sure she is.”

“So, lets get you married!’’


The church auditorium was filled with people when they arrived. Father and son walked towards the front of the church to wait for the bride. Gbenga smiled as he looked at the faces of people who were dear to him and his family. His siblings, church members who had been there for them, their kids and grandkids, Deborah’s sisters.

As Abimbola walked towards him with her son to the tune of Great is thy Faithfulness, he was reminded again about God’s faithfulness towards him and his family. The death of Deborah was one of the darkest points in his life but God turned the story around and now he was getting married to a woman he was madly in love with.

He was grateful to God for his kids, especially Mosope, who had found her way back to God. She looked so beautiful with her pregnancy glow and surely, he was going to miss having her around in the house.

He smiled at Abimbola as their eyes met.

God indeed makes everything beautiful in His time.

The End


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Through the Waters 13

Sope scanned the aisles for what she was looking for. It was at the far right corner of the store. She walked briskly and picked up a pack and carefully hid it beneath the pack of biscuit in her shopping basket.

She eyed the till and decided to wait for it to clear up. There were five people there. She didn’t want them looking at her and judging her especially as she had no wedding ring on. She walked towards the medicine aisle, pretending to be reading the dosage on a box of painkillers.

She wandered around a bit more more until the till was clear before proceeding to pay for her items.

As she drove home, she thought of how disappointed her family would be if she was pregnant. She didn’t want to upset them because they were all so excited about the forthcoming wedding. At least, Yinka was in love with her. So, he would do right by getting married to her before it became obvious she was pregnant.

She couldn’t wait to be Mrs Mosope Da-Silva. No, Mrs Mosope Yinka Da-Silva. A smile spread across her face at the thought.

She parked in front of the house and turned off the engine. Placed the pregnancy kit in her bag and zipped it up. Just in case her dad was at home. As she approached the front door, she heard voices, aunty Abi was around. She didn’t see her car parked outside though.

Sope opened the door with her keys and contemplated going straight upstairs without saying hello but then thought better because they must have heard the sound of her car.

She stepped into the living room and saw her dad, aunty Abi and a lady she knew from her dad’s church.

“Daddy good evening sir, Aunty Abi good evening.” She turned to face the other lady “good evening.”

“Good evening Sope, bawo ni?” Tunji responded.

“Good evening dear, welcome back.” Abimbola responded.

“Sister Sope welcome. It’s even good you are around. Oya, please help us choose between the two Aso Oke which one you prefer.” She pointed towards two Aso oke strips spread on the coffee table.

Really? Did they have to drag me into this?

“Yes Sope, we need a second opinion. It’s for our engagement. You know, you people are more current and trendy.” Abimbola said.

She managed a weak smile and looked at the two strips. They both had similar colours: turquoise and silver. She pointed towards the one with a simpler pattern.”I prefer this, it’s more…”

“We told you!” Tunji and the Aso Oke lady cut in.

“Okay okay, you both win. I like both of them anyways.” Abimbola responded. “Thanks Sope.”

Sope left them and went upstairs to her room.


Sope cursed under her breath as she struggled with her vision because of the heavy downpour. She hated driving in the rain.

She had a rough night. Sleep eluded her after discovering she was pregnant. She felt a mixture of emotions all at once. Fear, shock, panic.

As soon as it was dawn and bright enough to go out, she had her bath and drove to Yinka’s house. She had to tell him in person. This was not to type of news to break over the phone.

Why was it even raining at this time of the year? It was probably a sign from God to punish her. She had to get to Yinka’s house and no rain was stopping her.


Bode had just finished his quiet time. One of the reasons be loved Saturdays was that it gave him more time to spend with God than the usual thirty minutes he spent during weekday mornings.

While he was praying, he heard the Holy Spirit minister to him. He was led to read Proverbs 18:22. He wasn’t sure what the verse contained till he opened his Bible.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.” He smiled when he realised it was a very popular verse.

God was surely speaking to him. Earlier in the week, he received a call from his pastor from University, Pastor Silas, who he hadn’t spoken to in ages.

He had just gotten home from work and was fixing himself a quick dinner of noodles and boiled egg when his phone rang. He was shocked to see the call was coming from Pastor Silas. He replayed the conversation they had.

“Hello, Pastor Silas, good evening Sir.’’

“Hello, Brother Bode.’’

“Wow, I was shocked when I saw your call coming in.’’

Bode heard him chuckle “I know Bode, I can’t remember the last time we spoke. Hope this is not a bad time to call?”

“No, its not Sir.” He left the kitchen and went to sit in the living room.

“Okay good. I have a word from the Lord to you.’’


“Yes Bode, God gave me a message for you. I was praying when I received the revelation from the Lord. He told me to read 1 Samuel 30. David and his men came back to find that their camp in Ziglag had been invaded by the Amalekites. They had carried their wives, sons and daughters. The bible says David and his men cried till they had no more strength to cry. Hello? Are you still there brother Bode?’’

“I am Sir.”

“Ok good. As I was saying, David and his men cried till they could cry no more. And we both know men don’t cry.” He chuckled. “The bible goes on to tell us that David encouraged himself in the Lord. He asked God if he should pursue and overtake them and God said yes.”

At this point, Bode, was wondering what He was trying to tell him.

“I’m sure you remember how that story ended. David recovered what the Amalekites took away. In fact, the Bible says, David recovered ALL. Brother Bode, God has asked me to tell you that you’ll recover all that the enemy as stolen from you. I don’t know what it is but God has asked me to tell you it’s your season of restoration.

Bode was stunned. “I don’t…don’t know what to say Sir. I’m- ”

“Brother Bode, I can’t remember the last time I called you. In fact, I had to get your number from Seun because I remember you two were very close back in Uni. But God told me to deliver this message to you. I don’t know what you’ve lost but God says you’ll recover all.’’

At this point, tears were flowing down Bode’s cheeks. He couldn’t fathom God’s love. The fact that God was speaking through someone he hadn’t spoken to in ages. He knew God loved him, but this- this was too much.

“Thank you very much Sir, I’m very grateful Sir.”

“We thank God brother Bode. Sorry, I have to rush off now. I have to head down to the chapel for bible study.’’

“Okay Sir. Thank you very much.”

“You are welcome. Remain blessed.”

Bode smiled and threw his fists in the air. He was going to speak to Nene about marrying her.


“Yinka say something please!”

Sope was in Yinka’s living room. She had just broken the news of her pregnancy to him and got no reaction whatsoever from Yinka. She was pacing about the living room while Yinka was seated comfortably on a sofa with a glass of orange juice in his hand.’’

“Madam Sope what do you want me to say?”

She stopped pacing and faced him. “It’s funny how I’ve suddenly become a madam to you.” She hissed.

“Okay, what do you want me to say my darling Sope?” He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh please, don’t patronise me!”

“Sope please stop shouting. Its too early in the morning. Don’t wake my neighbours up. Look, we are adults here.” He dropped the glass of orange juice on the coffee table. “It’s not like I raped you. We both had fun, that’s why you kept coming back.’’ He winked.

She knelt in front of him. “Yinka, I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused…a baby out of wedlock is unheard of in my family.’’

“It’s a no brainer babe, you’ll get rid of it.’’

Sope recoiled as if she had been slapped. His words sent her reeling backwards and she landed on the floor with her backside. “ I didn’t hear you well.”

“I said terminate the damn pregnancy!” Yinka shouted and sprung to his feet. “What were you expecting?” He drove his fingers through his afro. “That I’ll let you keep it? What do you want my family to say?’’

“Yinka I thought we were going to get married.’’


“Yes…you…you said you were in love with me. What have we been doing this last one year?”

“Me? Marry YOU? You must be out of your mind.”

Sope thought she was dreaming, she pinched herself hard, just in case but it hurt. She got back on her knees and crawled towards him. “Yinka, it’s me, Mosope.’’ She smiled “Your princess.” She reached for his legs but he moved back and she almost lost her balance.

“Look here Sope, I’ve told you the only solution. Get rid of that pregnancy. And as for marriage, I’m getting married to Bunmi Falana, the governor’s daughter. We just got back together about two months ago.’’

Sope was crying uncontrollably. Bunmi Falana? The socialite? Yinka told her they dated while they were at university but that ended over five years ago.

But Yinka said he loved her. She didn’t understand. So why was he getting married to someone else? What would happen to her? To their baby?

She felt used.


She got up and picked her car keys from the table. “Yinka, God will judge you. He’ll surely punish you for what you did to me.”

“Oh now you remember God, madam two goody shoes. When you were frolicking up on down on my bed, you didn’t remember God then.’’

“Yinka you are a very WICKED and HEARTLESS man.’’

“Oh please spare me! Didn’t you enjoy all the gifts and attention? All the times I took you out shopping, bought you those expensive perfumes and shoes. Did you think it was for nothing?’’

Sope picked up her handbag and walked towards the front door.

“You know Sope, I thought you were going to play hard to get forever. You came across as little Miss I love Jesus, but I’ve always loved a challenge. And I must say you were a very good one.’’


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Through The Waters 12

Bode scanned the car park for a parking slot and sighed when he didn’t see any. His date with Nene was for 2pm and it was already five minutes past two.

He had sent Nene a WhatsApp message two weeks ago introducing himself and she teased him about being too shy to call her. So he called her and they spoke for over an hour. After that phone conversation, they chatted everyday.

Luckily, he saw a car pull out of a parking slot and he parked. Bode picked up his phone and dialled Nene’s number. She picked up on the second ring. “Hi Nene… I’m good…yes, I just got to the restaurant…okay then, I’ll just wait for you. Holla when your get here.”

Nene said she was ten minutes away. He looked at his face in the mirror and noticed he had gained back some of the weight he lost after his break up with Sope. He got down from his car and walked into the restaurant.

He was greeted by a waiter when he walked in. “Table for two please.” Bode said.

“Inside our outside?”

“Inside…actually, on a second thought, outside.” The weather wasn’t too hot for this time of the year, so it’ll be nice to sit on one of the tables outside overlooking the sea.

The waiter showed him to a table for two he sat. He had chosen this restaurant on recommendation by a colleague. It was a newly opened restaurant everyone was talking about in Lagos. He hoped the food lived up to the hype.

He recalled his phone call with Nene yesterday evening. They had been talking about their hobbies and passion.

“I think God has called me to working with teenagers, or should I say young people.” Nene said.

“Why do you think so?” Bode asked.

“ I don’t think so, I know so.

“I see. Just wondering-”

“I just have this passion or is it burden for teenagers going astray. I want to be their friend, I want to help them. I feel like they can confide in me and I can guide them. You know that’s why I work in the youth department in my church Bode. Those teenagers come up to and tell me stuff. They tell me a lot of things.” Nene said.

Bode was too stunned. This was exactly how he felt about young people. Hence why he worked in the teenagers unit in his church. He had felt led by the Holy Spirit to pick that department because he had a burden for young people.

“Hello…Bode? Are you there?”

“Yes I am. Yes Nene, I’m here.” He replied.

“You went quiet. I said we have a youth outing coming up next month. We are having a BBQ. Just wondering if you’ll be interested.”

“It sounds interesting. Please remind me closer to the date so I don’t forget.”

“Okay. So see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Bode.”“Bye Nene. Have a good night rest.”

Bode ended the call and spoke to God immediately concerning Nene. They had a lot of things in common and also had the same burden.

Just then, he saw a lady who looked like Nene walking towards him and smiling. She was smaller in person and looked more beautiful than her profile picture on WhatsApp.

He got up and stretched out his hand to her. “Hi Nene, I’m Bode.”

She giggled. “Why so formal?” she teased. “ Hi Bode,” she shook his hand.


Ever since she spent the night with Yinka, Mosope noticed he had become distant. He didn’t call her everyday like he used to. His gifts were not as frequent as they used to. In fact, for the first time she didn’t get cupcakes delivered to her office last week. She picked up her phone and dialled his number.

“Hi Yinka. Thank God you picked my call today.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He sounded irritated.

“Are we fighting?”


“So what’s the matter? Since, that night…you seem huh withdrawn?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Sope. It’s all in your head.”

“Oh I see. All in my head.”

“Sope, you know work has been a bit busy lately and-”

She ended the call and hissed.


Her phone rang. Yinka was calling back. She was going to pick up. It was about time she stopped being available to him. He kept calling and she finally gave in.

“Yes? What do you want?”

“I’m sorry Sope.”


“I’ll make it up to you.” Yinka said.

“Yinka, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, go on.”

“What are we doing?”

“I don’t understand.”

She rolled her eyes, forgetting he couldn’t see her. “What or who am I to you?”

She heard him breathe into his phone. After what seemed like a long time, he responded. “See about that, I was going to ask you out officially to become my girlfriend but since-”

“Yes!” Sope screamed into the phone.

“Okay? It’s not like I asked you to marry me.”

“I know Yinka, but you will eventually won’t you?”

“Lets just take things slow okay?”


“I’ll come and pick you up in the next hour or so. So we can hang out.”

“Yaaaaay! I’ll get dressed. I’ve been home all day and I’m really bored.”
She ended the call and went into the shower.

Church service had just ended and Bode was trying to catch up with Patrick and Adaobi in the carpark.

“Patrick!” he called.

They stopped and turned round. “ Bode, how far?”

“ I dey oh. Hi Mrs A, how are you?”

“ I’m very well Bode. How are you?”

“I’m fine oh.” They continued walking towards their car.

“So Nene and I have been talking.”
Patrick cleared his throat.

“Why are you clearing your throat?” He asked Patrick and they burst out laughing.

“Anyways, we finally met yesterday. I must say I really like her.” Adaobi gave him a look which said I told you so. “I feel really drawn to her, I can’t explain it.”

“Bode, I’m so happy to hear that. I have to leave you both, I want to catch up with Sister Uju before she leaves.” Adaobi said and left the two friends.

“So you really like her?” Patrick asked.

“ I do, Patrick. It’s funny because from the first day we spoke, I felt it in my spirit. I’ve been praying to God ever since.

“Nene is an amazing lady. But apart from that, you have to sure God is leading you bro.”

“True bro, very true.” They got to Patrick’s car and continued chatting whilst waiting for Adaobi.

Twenty minutes later and Adeobi still hadn’t come. “ I better call Adeobi, if not I’ll be here for a long time. And I’m hungry.”

“Okay bro. Have a blessed week. See you next Saturday.”

‘Thanks Bode, you too. And say hello to Nene.”

“ I will.”

Just then, Adaobi walked towards the car.”

“ Women and gist sha! I am hungry, biko let’s go home.” Patrick said.

“We were discussing the next Sister’s fellowship. Bode, have a wonderful week.”

“Thanks Mrs A, thank you.”

They got into their car and drove off while Bode headed back into the church.


Sope was driving home. She attended service with Yinka and they went to his house afterwards.

As soon as they got into his house, Yinka kissed her and took her up to his room. She didn’t put any resistance.

We are going to get married eventually, so having premarital sex can’t be too bad. She reasoned.
They had lunch afterwards and she left because he dad sent her a text saying he would like to talk to her.

Although they lived in the same house, they hardly spoke to each other. She greeted him before rushing off to work in the mornings and said hello in the evenings before going up her room.

At first, she felt a bit guilty because she thought he was lonely. But most evenings, he was on the phone to aunty Abi.

She opened the door of the house and walked into the sweet aroma of ofada stew, her father’s favourite. He was at the dinning table eating. He smiled when he saw her.

“Good evening Daddy.”

“Mosope, good evening. How are you?”

“I’m fine daddy. How are you?”

“I’m good. Come and join me.”

“I’m stuffed. I went to my…a friend’s place after church and had lunch there.”

“Okay. Abi gave me a huge bowl of ofada stew. So you can take some to work.”

“Ok dad. Thanks.”

She turned to go upstairs to her room.

“Sope, come downstairs in a little while, I want to talk to you. Or didn’t you get my text?”

“Yes I did daddy. I’ll just go upstairs to change and let you finish your food.”

“Okay dear.”

Mosope came down the stairs twenty minutes later. Her dad had finished eating and was watching the news on TV.

He took his eyes off the screen when she walked in. Mosope sat on the sofa opposite him.

“Sope, come and sit beside me.” Tunji patted the space beside him. Sope got up and sat beside him.

He switched off the TV and turned to her. “Mosope mi, I miss the days when we used to sit down and gist.”

Sope smiled.

“I miss my daughter. I know your mum’s death was very difficult for you. It was difficult for all of us. It was so sudden.”

“I miss her daddy. I still do. Everyday.”
He pulled her close in an embrace and father and daughter stayed that way for a while.

Tunji pulled back. “I want to talk to you about something, which is very important to me. It would also have an impact on you.”

“Daddy are you okay?” Her eyes widened. “Are you ill?”

Tunji laughed. “I’ll ke? I’m as fit as a fiddle.”

“Okay good. You had me worried for a second.” She searched his eyes. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“I’ve asked Abimbola to marry me.”

Sope’s eyes flew open “You want to get married to aunty Abi?”

“Yes…Sope I’m sure you’ve noticed our friendship. I never knew I could love again…after your mother. But I’ve found love again.”

Sope got up. “Wow daddy! Wow.” She clapped. “Its not even up to two years since mummy passed and you are moving on already.”

“Sope, I’m lonely. I need a companion.”

“Then get a dog. Get a dog daddy!”

“Watch your tongue young lady! Do not use that tone on me.”

“And what does Gbenga think of this?”

“Gbenga is in full support.”

“Of course he is!”

“Look here Sope, I’m not asking for your permission. I’m only letting you know. So the earlier you come to terms with it, the better.”

“Can I go back to my room now.”

“If you want.”

She walked towards the door.

“One more thing daughter, our wedding has been fixed for December.”

Sope walked out of the room and slammed the door hard.

Through The Waters 11

Tunji and Abimbola were in their pastor’s office to inform him of their intention to get married.

“Brother Lawal, I was waiting for you both to come sooner.” Pastor James said.

Tunji and Abimbola exchanged a knowing look and smiled. “Pastor, we would have come sooner but we wanted to give our children enough time… especially Mosope.”

Pastor James nodded slowly “Yes, I understand.”

“Sister Abimbola, are your children in support?”

“Yes, they are pastor. In fact, I was surprised by their reaction. My first son said ‘finally mummy, we had been waiting to hear this for ages.’

“We thank God.” Pastor James said. “Brother Lawal, how did Gbenga take the news?”

“Gbenga is fully in support. I invited him over to the house and we discussed at length. I haven’t told Mosope yet.”

Pastor James nodded. “I understand why you haven’t told Sope but you have to tell her soon Brother Lawal.”

“Yes pastor, I intend to tell her this weekend. She’s spending the weekend with Dolapo and she’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Okay good. How is she these days? I can’t remember the last time I saw her. I was told she goes to a different church now.”

Tunji sighed and Abimbola placed her hand on his. “Mosope just seems to be going down a slippery slope.” He closed his eyes tightly and opened them. “I don’t know my daughter anymore.”

“It is well, my brother. All we can do is continuing praying for her. Some people need to be completely lost before they find God for themselves.”

“Amen.” Abimbola and Tunji chorused.

“So, has the date been fixed?”

“We are thinking of December, when so Abimbola’s children will be in the country.”Abimbola’s children were based in the UK and both came to Nigeria every chirstmas with their families.

“When can we begin premarital counselling Sir?” Abimbola asked.

Pastor James laughed. “You’ll both be the oldest members of the class but it’ll be good to have a refresher course.”

“I agree sir. Tunji replied.

“I need to confirm when the next class is starting.” Pastor James reached for his diary. “Oh! Its round the corner, in two weeks. You should both pick out the forms from the church secretary on your way out and bring it with you to the first class.”

“Okay Pastor.” Abimbola replied.

They chatted for a few minutes and prayed before leaving the pastor’s office.

Bode was at his friend Patrick’s house. He had hitched a ride with him after worker’s meeting because his car was at the mechanic. The two friends were enjoying jollof rice and chicken prepared by Patrick’s wife.

“Guy, I think you should move on already, it’s been how many months now?” Patrick said before lifting a spoonful of rice into his mouth.

“One year, three months and seven days.”

“Ahhhh, you are busy counting. Sope has move on oh. Last I heard, she was dating Yinka Da Silva.”

Bode shut his eyes tight, the words he heard felt like a knife slicing through his heart. He had heard rumours about Sope’s new found love but he refused to believe them. He reached for his glass of water and took a gulp.

“I’m not only heartbroken but disappointed. What she sees in that bad boy baffles me.”

“Baffle you ke? That guy has a PHD in Womanology! He can have any woman he wants oh. With his looks, charm and money. ”

“But he’s clearly not saved!”

“You are still speaking Christianese Bode.”

“So the question is, is she still a believer?”

Bode still thought about Mosope every day. He was really shaken by their breakup that he lost so much weight because he couldn’t eat. Even his boss had to order him to take an unpaid leave for a month when his performance at work began to drop.

“I told you about my cousin, Nene. She’s correct wife material, Bode. Not just that alone, she’s also on fire for God. I think you two will get along very well.”

“When did you become a matchmaker Patrick?” Bode asked.

“Since my friend got heartbroken oh. It was even Adaobi who suggested it to me.”

At the sound of her name, Patrick’s wife walks in. “Bode, I think you’ll like Nene. She’s very lovely.”

“I know you mean well Mrs A, but-”

“But what?” Patrick cut in.

“I don’t think I’m over Sope yet.”

Husband and wife looked at each other and smiled. When Adaobi told her husband she wanted to introduce Nene to Bode, Patrick had said he didn’t think Bode was over Sope yet. She had insisted that it was worth trying.

“Just one date, Bode.” Patrick raised his eyebrows “One.”

Bode sighed. He had better give into this date if not, Patrick would keep pestering him.

What If she wasn’t like Sope? He remembered Sope’s sweet smile.

“Bode?” Patrick called.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“Adaobi was asking you if you wanted her number?”

“Yeah…okay.” He brought out his phone and saved her number.

“I’ll tell her I gave you her number, just make sure you call her soon okay?”Adaobi pleaded.

“Okay, you have my word.”

“Thank you.”She responded.

“Thanks for the meal Mrs A, it was on point as usual.”

“My wife makes the best jollof rice.” Patrick said and winked at his wife.

“You are welcome Bode. I can pack a bowl for you when you are going home.”

“Thank you!”

“Bode go and marry!”

Gbenga and Onyinye were in their bedroom, ready to retire for the night. Onyinye had just tucked in Deborah, who was sleeping in her room.

“Gbenga, so have they fixed a date yet?”

“Daddy was saying around Christmas, so aunty Abi’s children can come into the country.”

Onyinye sat up. “That’s about…6 months away.” Onyinye said.

“Yeah…it’ll be a small-”

“We have to start planning straightaway oh!” She threw her hands up in the air in excitement. “I know a very good wedding planner on Instagram, I’ve been following her for a while. We can pick colours, so we can buy the aso ebi-”

“Calm down, see you getting all excited. Do you think they’ll want aso ebi considering their age and the fact that they’ve both been married preciously?”

“It doesn’t matter jare, it’s a joyous occasion.”

“Yes, it is, but I’d prefer an intimate ceremony with just family and closest friends. I don’t like all those Nigerian carnival weddings.”

Onyinye picked up her phone and opened to the event planner’s page on Instagram. “Gbenga see her page.” She handed her phone to her husband.

“Hmmmm this looks very good.” He said as he scrolled down her instagram page. “I hope she won’t cost a fortune though?”

“I’ll send her a DM*.”

”Like I said, an intimate ceremony for about 100 people.”

Onyinye laughed.”Very funny Gbenga, 100 people? Let’s see how we’ll manage that. When even family members alone are already up to 100.”

Gbenga handed the phone back to her and checked his phone for messages.
“I’m worried about Sope you know. I felt uneasy in my spirit so I called her.”

“Yeah, I heard when you were on the phone to her.”

“She cut me off and I sent her a message which has obviously read and hasn’t replied.”

“Maybe she’s busy, I’m sure she’ll call you back.

“Please mention her as you pray.”

“I will love. Let’s pray.”

Sope opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings, it was unfamiliar. Why did her room look so different? And what was that smell? Was something burning? Then she saw a male figure sitting on the side of the bed with what looked like a cigarette stick in his hand.

Then it hit her.

She touched her body underneath the duvet and confirmed her fears. She touched the lower part of her body, no clothes on either. Her eyes flew open. “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed.

“Morning sweetheart.” Yinka turned to her. “Last night was amazing.” He said with a wide grin and winked.

“Oh Jesus.” Sope cried. She rose from the bed and covered whatever dignity she had left with the duvet and ran into the bathroom. She locked the door and sat on the floor as tears flooded her eyes. She tried to remember what had happened.

Yinka had brought the wine she asked for and they had dinner. He made egg fried rice and shredded beef which was very tasty and she was impressed. He kept refiling her glass with wine. When she protested, he told her it was good for her heart.
After the meal, he told her there was dessert but she declined because she was stuffed. So, he suggested they watch a movie and dessert could come later. She picked out a comedy for them to watch and they both sat on the same sofa to watch the movie.

“Why did you switch off the lights?” Mosope asked.

“Dunno…to create the right mood I uppose.”Yinka answered.
As the movie went on, Yinka moved closer to her and caressed her face and her hair and then tried to kiss her. He had tried to kiss her twice in the past but she had turned him down but this time around she couldn’t resist him. Breathless, Mosope pulled back.

“Oh baby.” Yinka said as he kissed her again, pulling down any walls of resistance she had left.

She heard a knock on the door.

“Sope, we are running late for church. Please hurry up, you know I’m ushering today.”

“Okay.” She mumbled.

How could she go to church today and pretend nothing happened? Will God should understand?

She turned on the tap and tried to scrub away her guilt.

• DM – Direct Message

Through The Waters 10

There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is destruction.

Mosope turned to the direction of the voice she just heard. There was no one else in her room with her. Where did that voice come from? Did she only imagined it?

Listen my daughter to your father’s instructions and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Was her dad back home? She stepped out of her room and called him but there was no response.

The voice was so audible.

Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, she reasoned. There was nothing wrong in going to spend the night with a guy who was her friend. Yinka had suggested she spend the night so they could  go to church together tomorrow. He assured her that he’ll get the guest room ready for her.

Their friendship had blossomed in the past one year. He was always there for her, very attentive and very sweet. People assumed they were dating although Yinka hadn’t  asked her out formally and she was too shy to ask him to define their friendship.

He was constantly buying her gifts, randomly sending cupcakes to her at work. Her colleagues had come to expect cupcakes every week. Someone joked that he probably had a standing order with the cupcake store. She lost count of the number of perfumes he bought her. She had several she hadn’t even opened.

Her birthday was yesterday and he sent her a massive cake and told her the real celebration would happen over the weekend because he was out of town. A parcel was also delivered to her office from Bode which she didn’t bother to open. She wondered why Bode didn’t give up even though it had been almost a year since they broke up. He had called her in the morning but she ignored his call.

Her heard the vibration of her phone. She glanced at the screen and smiled. It was a message from Yinka telling her he was looking forward to seeing her. She had told him they could move her birthday celebration to next week since he only just got in from Ghana this morning but he refused. She smiled and reached for a brush for her hair. She had gone to the salon earlier to have it curled and just brushed a few loose strands off the side of her face. Yinka loved it when she made an effort with her appearance. He loved it when she got her nails done, fixed a long and curly weave and had her face ‘beat’. She applied another coat of mascara and was pleased with her appearance in the mirror.

The vibration of her phone announced the arrival of her cab. Satisfied with her appearance in  the mirror, she picked up her clutch and overnight bag. She had on a white wrap top and blue trousers which she paired with brown mules. She didn’t want to appear too plain beside a sophisticated man.

She was just about to lock the front door when her phone rang. She smiled when she saw her niece’s picture which she used as  Gbenga’s contact picture. She made a mental note to go visit them, she hadn’t seen Debby in a while.

‘Hi bro’. She put the housekeys by the side of her bag and walked towards the cab.

‘Hi Sope. How are you?’

‘I’m good Gbenga, how’s my little princess?’

‘She’s good, she misses her aunty.’

‘Gbenga please hold on.’ She entered the taxi and told the driver her destination.

‘Gbenga, I’m back. I miss my little munchkin too.  I have a dress I got for her  a few weeks ago’

‘Thanks auntie Sope. So, where are you off to? It sounds like you are out.’

‘To see a friend.’

‘Which of your friends?’

She rolled her eyes. Why does he have to be so nosy. ‘A friend you don’t know.’ She laughed. ‘It’s not like you know all my friends oh.’

‘I hope its not that guy you’ve been hanging out with?’


‘Hello Sope, are you still there?’

‘Yes I am. Gbenga I have to go.’

‘You didn’t answer-

‘Bye Gbenga.’ She ended the call and sighed. When was Gbenga going to stop policing her? Didn’t he realise she was a grown woman.

Her phone vibrated and she saw a message from Gbenga.

Sope, I feel troubled in my spirit and it is because of you. Please be careful little Sister.’

She could see he was still online on Whats app, so replying him would turn to another round of conversation. She would reply later.

There was traffic, so the car went at a snail pace. Her thoughts drifted to some years ago, her mum had come to pick her up from boarding school for half term. On their way home, there was serious traffic which was caused by a broken-down truck. The had been on the same spot for over an hour and Sope was uneasy. She had slept and woken up and they were still on the same spot.

Mummy, I’m tired

‘Sorry darling, do you want water?’ 

She shook her head in response.‘I just want to go home.’ She protested.

‘We’ll be home soon darling. I’ll tell you a story. Her mum went on to tell her about how she met her dad. They were both workers in the same fellowship in university. He was an usher and she was in prayer team. They were not friends because it was a large fellowship and only said the occasional hello. After university, they were posted to the same state for their NYSC and become friends.

‘Your dad was so quiet back then. He hardly spoke to anyone but-‘ Deborah said

‘So what happened?’

‘Mo-so-pe be patient.’

‘Okay mummy.’

‘You know, I was 24 then and I was already praying to God about my husband because I wanted him to choose for me.’

‘Why would God choose your husband for you? Isn’t He too busy with other people’s prayers?’

‘Spread out your right palm.’ Deborah pointed at her daughter’s palm ‘Sope God has you in His palm, just like the lines on them. He can never be too busy for you.

‘Madam, what number did you say we were going to again?’


‘Oh sorry, number 10.’ She checked the time on her phone. It was 5: 48pm. Yinka had told her to come by 5pm. She sent him a message on the way that she was running late because of traffic but she didn’t get any response from him.

‘Ohh that’s it right in front.’ The driver drove to the house and parked.

She paid the cab driver and picked up her hand bag.

‘Aunty, please be careful.’

‘What did you say?’

‘I said please be careful.’

A frown appeared on her face immediately. ‘Last I remember, you were a cab driver and not an advisor.’ She hissed and slammed the car door so hard that the driver jumped.

As she walked towards the entrance, she noticed two cars parked, a Range rover sport and a Mercedes. She smiled, so he even has a Range Rover! It wouldn’t hurt to date a rich man you know!

Just then, Yinka walked out of the front door. He had on a white polo which hugged every inch of his six packs, navy shorts and blue flip flops. He was indeed a sight to behold.

‘Hello beautiful!’ He greeted and wrapped her into a hug. Sope inhaled the alluring scent of his cologne. It felt so good to be in his arms.

‘Hello Yinka’ She pulled back. ‘I’m finally here! Sorry I’m late, there was traffic.’

“No problem darling, aren’t we in Lagos again? Where you can never predict traffic. At least it gave me extra time to finish preparing dinner.’

‘I can’t believe you still had the energy to cook. We could have just ordered pizza you know.’

‘Nah, my lady deserves the best.’

My lady. She smiled back at him and he took her right hand and led her into his house.

His house was tastefully furnished, with exquisite interior décor. She glanced round the living room and noticed how impeccable it was. Nothing was out of place, even his remote controls were placed on a stand. ‘Yinka your house is beautiful! And you have cream carpets!’ She glanced at her shoes. ‘Sorry, I didn’t take off my shoes.’

‘It’s okay beautiful, I will break my no shoes rule because it’s you.’ He winked at her. ‘Anything for my Sope.’

My Sope. Hearing him say that made her smile. She proceeded to take off her shoes and placed them neatly beside the door.

She hardly went to Bode’s house because of the boundaries they set in their relationship. But the few times she went, it wasn’t very tidy. It was a far cry from Yinka’s house.

‘So, what would you like to drink? I have red wine, champagne, baileys, name it.’ He noticed a frown on her face. ‘Oh, I forgot, you don’t drink right? I have cranberry juice.’

Yes, she didn’t drink because of her convictions but she didn’t want to embarrass herself. She should try the red wine, besides she heard it was good for the heart. ‘Can I have red wine please?’

If he was surprised, Yinka didn’t show it. ‘Ok princess, I’ll be right back. Feel at home, you can change the TV channel. He walked towards the TV and brought the remotes to her.

‘Thanks. I feel like some August visitor.’ She giggled.

‘You are my August visitor my darling!’

Life Update – Guess who got married?!

*Dusts off thick cobwebs and clears throat*

Happy new year blog family!!

So, a lot has happened since the last time I posted on my blog.


I got married to the love of my life.


2017 was an eventful year to say the least. I completed my ACCA exams, got engaged, moved to another country and got married.

God blew my mind last year, honestly.

I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep concerning this blog but it’s one of my goals for 2018. I finally got around to continuing Through the Waters because I have not been able to write another story because I didn’t complete it. It was God’s way of teaching me a lesson about not leaving projects incomplete.

So, just in case you are still interested, I’ll start posting the continuation tomorrow and I’ll try to post twice a week. If you haven’t read Through the Waters, you can catch up on previous episodes here. It’s a very good story.

I wish you all a glorious 2018. I pray you experience God’s favour like never before. I’ll just leave you with my bible verses for this year from Proverbs 3: 5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


P.S: I want to move from WordPress to my own domain, if you know any graphics designer or anyone who can help me out, please holla.

P.P.S: My friend, Ngozi has offered to conduct Till We Say I do Interviews for Mr O and I. So, stay tuned!!!

Till We Say I Do Interviews – David and Janet James


Trust your week has been good!

On the blog today, we interview David and Janet James. I stumbled on Janet’s Instagram’s page a few months ago, I can’t remember what she posted but I remember being drawn to her page. So I decided to stalk a bit and discovered they had just gotten married and also had a website.

I went on their website (please see link below), read about how they met and I I was attracted to them because of their stance on purity.

I contacted her via Instagram and I’m so happy they both decided to grant us this interview.

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the interview.

Hello David and Janet James, it is a pleasure to have you on Till We Say I Do Interviews! Please tell us a bit about yourselves.

David : I would like to characterize my life as a God lover and God chaser. I daily embrace God’s grace to live a life pleasing to Him by hosting the spirit of God in my day to day activity. I am committed and driven by passion and destiny to accomplish God’s ordained purpose for my life and excited at the opportunity to inspire people to likewise do the same. I am a father and loving husband.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and currently pursing a Masters in Business Administration(MBA) with a focus on finance. I am a software developer by profession with an entrepreneurial mind and skillset. I love music, poetry, drama and often enjoy a good read.

I have been called into several ministries, including the prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral ministries, and praise and worship.

As a worship leader I am the founder of Kingdom Levite Choir (!/profile.php?id=143624309003885&ref=content_filter)with upcoming events scheduled for the up coming year and  beyond.

Janet: I am a child of God, a Born-Again believer with heaven-bound convictions. I am a God chaser, devoted wife in support of my husband’s dreams, and a mother to our first born.

I have a college degree in Paralegal Studies and aso a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Government and Politics from  Saint John’s University NY.

I am a Paralegal by profession and I have recently been accepted to Law School to continue my education in becoming a Solicitor and Barrister with the aim to work with the mental health population.

I love catering to my family, seeing people worldwide come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I am also a future author working on a book soon to be published.

How long have you been married?
1 year 4 weeks.

How did you meet? 

David: Early 2014, God started speaking to me regarding modesty in the church, that women ought to dress with modesty not adorning themselves with ornaments as 1 Peter 3:3 “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel ” explains.

God impressed upon my heart that today’s fashion which includes women wearing that which pertains to a man was against His will and that it was a cause of increase in homo sexual behaviours amongst children and adults today. Being there’s no distinct difference from both sexes hence affecting children’s judgment of their sexuality; Deuteronomy 22:5 . God expounded to me that many other fashion trends seen in most Pentecostal churches were suggestive that God’s work from creation wasn’t perfect. i.e. women wearing make up.

During this period, I was praying to God in the area of marriage and looking around. I knew God was talking to me with regards to marriage in the area of who he had in mind for me to being a woman who is not given to following these worldly trends and who is publicly open about such convictions as mine.

After further seeking God’s face, I felt led to search the deeper life youth facebook page and after several searches, I came across Janet’s post. In her post she mentioned that the general overseer of the Deeper Christian life church, pastor Kumuyi had advised the church to be careful so that we don’t get faulted by Deut. 22:5 in the day of judgement. After further browsing of her page, I noticed she had written lots of blogs and posts concerning her convictions on modesty and purity.

On seeing this, I felt led to contact her and she informed me to find out about the deeper life procedure, of which I did, visiting the Deeper Life Church UK headquarters in the UK and further contacting the New Jersey church branch.

After our first contact, I had continued to pray more about her and continued to get more confirmations.

Janet: On August 1st, unknown to me my husband stricked up a conversation with me via Facebook, encouraging me about the preaching of my convictions on the blog I had as a single and social media.

I didn’t know who he was but a sister I know cheered me on to respond to him and not ignore him; so I asked him why he was led and encouraged by the posting of my convictions and he went through so many scriptures as we kept talking back and forth.

He stated during the conversation he had been praying and observing me from afar and wanted to get to know me for the intention of marriage. I told him I don’t deal with request like these on Facebook(any longer) and he would have to contact my marriage committee and leaders within the Deeper Life Bible Church in New Jersey I was attending at the time.

During that time I added him on Facebook and didnt know if he woud really contact my church or not.  He ended up contacting my church; a few months later I get a call from my pastors wife in support of my husband’s  request to pursue me in courtship. I was told to pray.

Through researching him online, a God inspired list of qualities in a husband  I had written down which included a man who loved God, educated, was gifted musically, among others things, alongside ultimately reading the Bible and coming to a verse in 1st Samuel, as well as attaining peace I believed David T. James was my husband.

We started courtship  January 2015, and were permitted to meet in person for the first time May 2015 which further solidified our love and knowing truly God brought us together for a purpose.


What do you like most about being married?

David: I like everything about being married! That is a an interesting yet difficult question but if you really want me to say something, having a companion to travel life with ; a comforter , a helpmeet is what captures my admiration for marriage and my wife.

Janet: Knowing my husband has a divine purpose from God ministerially, business wise, and educationally and likewise for me, makes me continuously excited to grow with my husband and watch our future unveil itself.

Also knowing I chose a God led man makes me excited to pursue intimacy in a safe space and produce children that will be loved and raised in the way of the Lord!


What are your love languages? 

David: My wife’s primary love language is words of affirmation.

Janet: My husband’s primary love language is Acts of Service.

”The decision to abstain from pre-marital sex should  be the goal of every believer desiring Christian courtship ”- David
Describe your spouse in 3 words.

David: Reliable, Faithful, Virtuous

Janet: Loving, Encouraging, Wise


Why did you decide to abstain from pre-marital sex?

David: The descision to abstian from pre-marital sex should  be the goal of every believer desiring Christian courtship.

The benefits of such decision include attracting God’s blessings on the union, eliminating issues that may arise as a result of distrust , and ultimately securing a  lifetime testimony of faithfulness  to God in purity.

”I did everything within God’s strength in me to continue to allow my husband to pursue me. Now we are married he is grateful I made him wait!” – Janet

Janet: I came from a past where l didn’t hold abastaining from sex in a high regard. Once I became born again and started truly living out a relationship with Christ, I started following the scripture principles on staying sexually pure till marriage.

This verse was especially one I meditated on concerning marriage “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4

If we honor God with our life and body then He sure will honor our beds to be undefiled.

Also as ladies the economics of sex says we hold the power in giving up of sex. If we don’t give it up, men are still wired to pursue a woman they want to make love to, despite the information and porn filled age we live in. So ladies if you know a man wants to pursue you for the intention of marriage, this comes with a high desire to keep you exclusively for himself and be physically intimate with you.

I did everything within God’s strength in me to continue to allow my husband to pursue me and now we are married he is greatful I made him wait!

What practical measures did you take to abstain from pre-marital sex? 

David: Abstaining from late night conversations; being in public places at night. Hanging out together around friends and family.

Ultimately allowing the marriage committee within our church to stir the direction of the relationship while prayerfully asking God for grace.

Janet: One thing my husband forgot to mention is he had a bunch of bible verses as his background wallpaper on him, helping him run away from temptation by keeping focussed on being pure in body and MIND. Sexual temptation is a mind thing way before it becomes the physical act of sexual intercourse.

Another thing we did was put our faces as our phone screensaver so we could grow more affectionate for each other. We didn’t grow up together and we only met first in the spiritual realm via our prayers and the first time ever in person a little over year before our wedding. So the more I looked into my husband eyes via video chat and pictures, the more I was excited to wait only for HIM for marriage.

A problem in some relationships is also stepping out of a courtship to be sexually intimate with another person! (It’s sad).

We also stopped video chatting less at night. I say this because there was always a 6-8 hour time zone  difference because he lived in the UK and I in America. So talking at night couldn’t really stop.

We also both worked and were students; so we stopped video chatting and made conversations only verbal to avoid romantic phrases and riské loose house clothings that may show our intimate parts and or arouse our parts because of our close prayers and sharing of our past secrets.  (I believe intimate  conversations close to the honeymoon night as you prepare for your honeymoon night should be normal).

”Sexual temptation is a mind thing way before it becomes the physical act of sexual intercourse.”- Janet

Did you face temptation? How did you deal with peer pressure?

David: Temptations during this period are real because you are emotionally and physically drawn to your future spouse. You two are communicating every day on a plethora of issues. It was important to realize the reality of temptations and so I decided to do all I could to not fall in the trap of sexual impurity.

Janet: Not sure what else I can add in addition to what my husband mentioned above. I would say there were clear boundaries laid out in the beginning of our courtship.

We both didn’t believe we couldn’t go out just us two together but we chose public places and it worked out fine. We were often in the car together just us two driving to church or pre-marital counselling but we knew the Holy Spirit was there.

I did everything within God’s strength in me to continue to allow my husband to pursue me. Now we are married he is grateful I made him wait!

Why is sex worth waiting for?

David: Sex is worth waiting for because  it brings God’s blessings on the union, eliminates issues that may arise as a result of distrust  and ultimately secures a lifetime testimony of faithfulness to God in purity.

Janet: Kissing and sex is worth waiting for because after exploring your soon to be spouse mentally, it is so special once you’ve made a public commitment before God and the public to express your love for each other physically, which is what the Bible calls for.

We are to be intimate with our spouse because our bodies are wired for sexual touch and so to avoid temptations we are to have one partner for life.

Any advice to young Christians?

David: Falling into sexual sin, does not have to be the norm in a Christian courtship. No matter what you have done you should repent, seek God for forgiveness and rededicate your life and relationship to God. Godly counsel should be sought as well when necessary.

Janet: I feel like I gave a lot of advice above in my other answers.

But you might have the head knowledge of all we said above and the Bible’s stance on sex and may fall into forplay (kissing, fundling, sexting) or intercourse, if so, just repent and don’t walk in shame! Jesus Christ came for you. He didn’t condemn you. Repent and now walk in forgiveness.

Also all God ordained courtships and marriages are to be examples to the world.

A prayer point for all Christians should be: God make me an example of your good works Amen.

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David James

Janet Adeola James


Thanks for reading!!

Have a blessed weekend.